Lebedushka – Sergey Yesenin

From the forest, dark forest,
Podыmalasy Krasna zoryushka,
Scattered with a clear rainbow
Crimson rays of light.

Lit up with a bright flame
Old pines, mighty,
Dressed up conifer nets
In golden-weaved bedspreads.

And all around pearl dew
Cast scarlet sparkles,
And over the lake of silver
Reeds, leaning, whispered.

This morning with the sun
Is it one of those dark thickets
It followed, like a dawn,
Snow white swan.

Behind a slim band
Swans moved.
And the mirror surface was crushed
On emerald rings.

And from that quiet creek,
In the middle of that lake,
A distant stream ran
With a dark and wide ribbon.

A white swan sailed away
On the other side of the wide,
Where to the silent backwater
Adjacent silk grass.

Off the coast of green,
Head tilted tender,
Whispering lilies
With quiet rivulets.

As the swan began to call
Your little swans
Take a walk on a variegated meadow,
Pinch the fragrant grass.

Swans came out
Pull the grass with an ant,
And the dewdrops are silvery,
Like pearls, crumbled.

And all around are azure flowers
Spicy waves unleashed
AND, like alien guests,
Smiled at the merry day.

And small children walked
Expanded across the wide,
And the winch is snow-white,
Keeping my eyes on, matured.

Did the kite fly through the grove,
Or the snake crawled across the plain,
The white swan was laughing,
Calling little kids.

The swans were buried
Is maternal under wing,
And when the storm was hiding,
They ran frolicking again.

But the swan did not smell,
I did not see with a valiant eye,
What of the golden sun
A black cloud was approaching -

Young eagle under the cloud
Spread the mighty wing
And cast lightning eyes
To the endless plain.

He saw by the dark forest,
On a hillock by a crevice,
Like a snake crawled out into the sun
And curled up into a ring, warmed up.

And the eagle wanted with malice
Like an arrow to throw to the ground,
But the snake noticed him
And hid under a bump.

With a wave of their wings under the cloud
He spread his sharp claws
AND, prey waiting,
Spread out in the air.

But his eyes are eagle
We saw a distant steppe,
And by the wide lake
He saw a white swan.

Formidable flap of the mighty wing
Drove away the gray cloud,
And the eagle, like a point black,
Began to descend to the ground in rings.

At this time, the white swan
Looked around the mirror
And in the sky reflected
I saw long wings.

The swan fluttered,
Shouted to the swan,
Small children gathered
And buried themselves under the wings.

And the eagle, flapping wings,
Like an arrow thrown to the ground,
And claws bit sharp
Straight into the swan's neck.

She spread her white wings
Snow white swan
And the legs are dead
Pushed away the little kids.

The kids ran to the lake,
We rushed into dense thickets,
And from the eyes of my mother
Bitter tears rolled down.

And the eagle has sharp claws
Tore apart her tender body,
And white feathers flew,
Like a spray, in all directions.

The lake swayed quietly,
Reeds, leaning, whispered,
And under the green bumps
The swans were buried.

1914 – 1915

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