Books bound in red – Marina Tsvetaeva

From the children's paradise
You send me a farewell hello,
Unchanged friends
In shabby, red binding.
Lesson learned a little,
I run to you right away.
- “It's too late!" - "Mum, ten lines!»…
But luckily my mother forgot.
Lights tremble on the chandeliers ...
How good it is for a book at home!
Under Grieg, Schumann and Cui
I learned the fate of Tom.
It's getting dark ... The air is fresh ...
Tom in Happiness with Becky is full of faith.
Here with a torch Injun Joe
Wandering in the gloom of the cave ...
Cemetery ... Prophetic cry of an owl ...
(Мне страшно!) Here it flies through the bumps
Reception of the prim widow,
Like Diogenes living in a barrel.
The throne room is brighter than the sun,
Above a slender boy - a crown ...
Suddenly - a beggar! Christ! He said:
"Let, I am heir to the throne!»
Went into the darkness, who appeared in it.
Britain's fate is sad ...
- ABOUT, why among the red books
I wouldn't fall asleep behind the lamp again?
About golden times,
Where the gaze is bolder and the heart is purer!
O golden names:
Gekk Finn, Tom Sawyer, Prince and the Pauper!

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