Where did winter come from? – Joseph Brodsky

Where did winter come from?,
you don't know, nobody knows.

Everything fell silent. She herself
does not unclench cold lips.
Она молчит. Suddenly, suddenly
persistence you will not break her.
That's why every sound
in winter you catch so eagerly.

Rustle of wind on trunks,
rustling of roofs under the clouds,
потом, like rotten floors,
creaking snow under the shoes,
and after the creak and clatter of shovels,
and dim smoke, and the rumble of dawn ...
But even a quiet snowfall,
откуда он, will not give an answer.

And you, entering your warm home,
running up to myself, pray tell,
have you ever thought about that,
that somewhere here she was hiding:
in the flight of stairs, in the wall,
between bricks, below under the warehouse,
а может быть, in a river, at the bottom,
where you cannot penetrate.

May be, там, in night yards,
in attics and dusty chandeliers,
in planked doors,
in damp basements, in our feelings,
in the closets of those, where is the rubbish dumped…
But you can see, it was cramped there,
she grew in all corners
and flooded everything.

must be, it's just nonsense,
accumulation of thoughts and unclear words,
she came, must be, from the mountains,
came down to us from the beautiful peaks:
there is eternal ice, there is eternal snow,
there the eternal wind gnaws at the rocks,
a person does not go there,
and the eagle itself cannot fly.

must be, So. Doesn't all matter,
when should you raise the gate,
but isn't that one thing:
in the span of a shadow and eternal cold?
There is a union and connection between them
and the similarity - albeit completely dumb.
Coming together, connecting,
it is very easy for them to become winter.

Affairs, not knowing kinship,
and clouds in heavenly blue,
all objects and substances
and feelings, different in strength,
elements of heat and water,
carried away by the inner game,
give fruit over time,
quite unexpected at times.

Ice is stronger than fire,
winter - sometimes longer than summer,
sometimes the night is longer than the day
and darkness is twice as strong as light;
sometimes the garden is huge, taste,
but you can't remove the fruits at all ...
So beware of cold feelings,
not that, look, freeze.

And people are all, and all at home,
where there is warmth as long as,
will pronounce: Winter has come.
But they won't understand where.

ноябрь 1962

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