Riddles poems by Korney Chukovsky


There was a white house,
Lovely house,
And something pounding in it.
He crashed, and from there
It rushed out a living miracle -
such warm, It is fluffy and golden.
(Egg and chicken.)


without wheels!
That's wonderful steam train!
Does he mind descended -
Directly on the sea went!


red door
In my cave,
white animals
At the door.
And meat and bread - all the spoil my
I am happy to give white beasts!
(Lips and teeth.)


I was a cart,
Yes, but it was not a horse,
And suddenly she whinnied,
Whinnied - ran.
Look, I ran to the cart without a horse!


lies, penny is our well.
good penny, and hands are not given.
Go and bring fourteen horses,
Go and call your fifteen athletes!
Let them try to raise a lot of money,
To Masha penny could play!
And Connie priskakali, and strongmen came,
But the small penny did not get off the ground,
not lifted, We did not raise and could not move.
(Sunbeam on the ground.)


Two horse I,
two horses.
On the water they carry me.
A water
like a stone!


Everywhere, throughout the two of us
inseparable go.
We walk through the meadows,
On the green banks of the,
Down the stairs running away,
We walk along the street.
But a little night on the threshold,
We're staying with no legs,
A legless - the trouble! —
Neither there nor here!
Well? Crawled under the bed,
We will sleep there quietly,
When the return leg,
Jump on the road again.
(Children's Shoes.)


Brother, do not touch me:
Anneal and without fire!


Sage in it saw the sage,
Fool - Fools,
Sheep - Sheep,
Sheep in Germany saw a sheep,
And the monkey ape -,
But here is brought to him Fyodor Bar tova,
And Fyodor slut saw shaggy.


I lay at your feet,
Stomp my boots.
And tomorrow in the yard carried me
And beat me, stabbing me,
So that children can lie on me,
Floundering and tumbling on me.


It grows upside down,
Not in the summer is growing, and in winter.
But the sun it pripechot -
She cries and dies.


Maryushka, Marusenka, Masha and Manechka
Want a sweet sugar gingerbread.
Grandmother was an old street,
Girl grandmother gave money:
Maryushka - penny,
Marusenka - penny,
Masha - penny,
Manya - penny,—
That's what a good grandmother was!

Maryushka, Marusenka, Masha and Manechka
We ran to the store and bought a gingerbread.

And Kondrat thought, looking out of the corner:
Are there many kopecks grandmother gave?
(My grandmother gave only one penny, since Maryushka, Marusenka, Masha and Manya - the same girl.)


I go-not wander on Forests,
A mustache, hair,
And my teeth long,
The wolves and bears.


Raspberries plumped,
It would peck.
But we saw the monster -
And soon from the garden!
A freak is sitting on a stick
With the beard of washcloths.
(Birds and scarecrow.)


If yes pine spruce
Were able to run and jump,
They are from me without looking back would have dashed away
And more than me would have never met,
Because - tell you, not bragging,—
I steel and evil, and very toothy.


I eared old,
I jump on the canvas
And a long string of ear,
As cobweb, I tyanu.


Small houses on the street run,
Boys and girls houses driven.


A lot of this stuff
Near our yard,
A hand will not take
And home is not prinesosh.

Masha was walking in the garden,
collected, collected,
Pohlyadela in kuzovok -
And there is nothing.


Kondrat went
In Leningrad,
A forward - twelve children.
Each of the three a basket,
In each a basket - cat,
Each cat - twelve kittens.
Each kitten
In the teeth of four mouse.
And I wondered old Kondrat:
"How many pups and kittens
The guys are in Leningrad?»

(Stupid, silly Kondrat!
He walked one and Leningrad
And the guys with a basket,
Since mice and cats
We went out to meet him -
In Kostroma.)


take me, Wash, swim,
And what I am - probably guess.
And know: most would be trouble,
When I would not let the water,—
on the dirty, unwashed neck
You would live nasty snake
And poisonous stings
would have stabbed you, as a daggers.
A at each ear unwashed
be entrenched evil lyaguhi,
And if you, poor, cried,
They would laugh and croaked.
here, cute kids, what evil
Would be, when I would not let the water.
take me, Wash, swim,
And what I am - probably guess.
(A piece of soap.)


I'm a giant! Won one hromadnuyu
mnogopudovye plate
I, like chocolate tiles,
Suddenly lift height.

And if I'm mighty lapoyu
Elephant or camel cop,
I have both of them will be glad
pick up, like little kittens.


I'm barking at all
I howl
With any owl,
And every song your
I am with thee
When the boat away
Bull on river zarevot,
I also roar:


Two feet on three legs,
A fourth in the teeth.
Suddenly four ran
And ran away with the sole.
Jumped two feet,
They got three legs,
Cried the whole house -
Yes, three in four!
But four squealed
And ran away with the sole.
(Two legs - boy, Three-legged - stool, Four legs - the dog, One of his legs - chicken.)


Here needles and pins
Crawl out from under the bench.
They look at me,
Milk they want.


Suddenly from the black darkness
In the sky rose bushes.
And they have something blue,
crimson, gold
Flowers are blooming
unprecedented beauty.
And all the streets below them
Also turned blue,
crimson, gold,

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