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Will fly over you
Year for years,
And you will become old men.

Her colorless Now you,
And you'll be bald
And gray.

Even the little remnants
Someday will vnuchatki,
And Tata wears big glasses
And their grandchildren will knit gloves.

Even two-year-Pete
Will ever 70 years old,
And all the kids,
All the children in the world
Will call him: "grandfather", –
And to the waist will then
His beard gray.

so here, when you become old men
With such large glasses
AND, to stretch my old bones,
You go somewhere to visit,-
Well, скажем, take vnuchonka Nikolka
And bring on the Christmas tree.

Or at the same time, two thousand forty-four year,
You want to fly to the star,
On this or that
Ну что ж! Buy a ticket
And get into any missile.

rather! at a run! at full pelt!
After the third call!
But shaking your old legs,
They stumbled at the threshold,
And you're late. Ну что ж! no problem!
Here, around the corner at the pond,
Quite the near our gate,
Now depart
blue spaceship.
he will
in an hour
to the moon,
Up to the moon will take.
Get in the cab! rather! probably!
Pay ten rubles conductor,
And so you get there, in the sky,
Walk back and forth on the moon,
And the good people lunar
You lunar sing songs,
And the children of the moon on a platter
You are honey moon.
And you bring Nikolka
From the gentle lunar children
Gold stars for the Christmas tree
And a mountain of sweets.

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