In the I want to reach – Boris Pasternak

In the I want to reach
To the very essence.
In work, looking for a way,
In a heartbreak.

To the essence of the days gone by,
Before their cause,
Before the foundations, до корней,
To the core.

All the while grabbing the thread
Fates, events,
Live, think, feel, to love,
Complete opening.

ABOUT, if only i could
Although partly,
I would write eight lines
About the properties of passion.

About lawlessness, about sins,
Running, chases,
In a hurry,
Elbows, palms.

I would bring her law,
Its beginning,
And repeated her names

I would break poetry, like a garden.
With all the trembling veins
Linden trees would bloom in them in a row,
Guscom, neck.

I would add the breath of roses to the verses,
Breath of mint,
Meadows, sedge, haymaking,
Thunderstorms rolling.

So Chopin once invested
Living miracle
Folvarkov, parks, grove, graves
Into your studies.

Achieved celebration
Game and flour
Stretched bowstring
Tight bow.

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