Snow goes – Boris Pasternak

Snow goes, снег идет.
To the white stars in the blizzard
Geranium flowers stretch
Behind the window cover.
Snow goes, and everyone is in disarray,
Everything starts flying,
Black stairs steps,
Crossroads turn.
Snow goes, снег идет,
As if not flakes are falling,
And in a patched cloak
The firmament descends to the ground.
As if with the look of an eccentric,
From the top landing,
Sneaking, playing hide and seek,
The sky comes down from the attic.
Because life doesn't wait.
You will not look back and Christmas.
Only a short interval,
Look, there and the new year.
Snow goes, thick-thick.
Keeping up with him, by those,
At the same pace, with laziness
Or with the same speed,
May be, time passes?
May be, year by year
Followed by, how it snows,
Or like words in a poem?

Snow goes, снег идет,
Snow goes, and everyone is in disarray:
Whitened pedestrian,
Surprised plants,
Crossroads turn.

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