Dawn – Boris Pasternak

You mean everything in my fate.
Then came the war, ruin,
And for a long, long time about you
There was no rumor, no way.
And after many, many years
Your voice alarmed me again.
All night I read your testament
And how came to life from a swoon.
I want to see people, into the crowd,
In their morning animation.
I'm ready to smash everything into chips
And bring everyone to their knees.

And I'm running up the stairs,
As if I'm going out for the first time
To these streets in the snow
And the extinct pavements.

Everywhere get up, the lights, cosiness,
Drink tea, rushing to the trams.
Within minutes
The view of the city is unrecognizable.

At the gate a blizzard knits a net
Of thick falling flakes,
And to be in time,
All rush underdrink.

I feel for them all,
As if I had been in their shoes,
I melt myself, how the snow melts,
I myself, like morning, eyebrows frown.

I have people without names with me,
Trees, children, couch potatoes.
I am defeated by them all,
And only this is my victory.

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