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Everything yearns for forgotten,
On his spring dream,
How about a broken Pierrette
Golden jug ...

All collected oskolochki,
I do not know how to put them ...
"If you, Алиса, I knew,
How do I get bored, bored with life!

I yawn at dinner,
I forget to eat and drink,
you believe, I remember
Even eyebrows sum.

About Alice! Give me the means,
To get it back again;
want, everything (my) heritage,
Home and dresses can take.

he had a (to me) in the crown,
I'm afraid my nights!»
Alice in a medallion
Dark curls - you know, whose?!


"How late! tired, yawn ... "
- Mignon, quietly lying,
I am a red wig frizz
For my lady slim.

It will be covered with green ribbons,
A side pearl agraffe;
I read the note: "In chub
I am waiting for you, mysterious Count!»

Able under the lace mask
Crafty laughter drown,
He told me even a garter
Today she perfume ".

Ray of the morning on the black dress
slid, falling out of the window ...
"He opens my arms
under the maple tree, mysterious Count ".

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