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Why have you been sent and who sent you?
what, il good evil, you were faithful Finisher?
why extinguished, why shine,
Earth's wonderful visitor?
Veschaly scribes, worried kings,
The crowd in front of them worried,
Razoblachennыe Altar Desert,
Freedom of the storm was rising.
And suddenly raided ... Fell to pieces and blood,
Broken dilapidated tablets,
Was the husband of fate, slaves were quiet again,
Swords rang da chain.
And proud and cast Prischl Debauchery,
And before him frozen heart,
For the power of forgotten country,
Gold sold brother brother.
They said bezumcy: no Freedom,
And they believe the nations.
And indifferent, in their speeches,,
Good and evil, everything was shadow -
Everything was perfect with contempt,
As the wind betrayed partite ashes.

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