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And I loved. And I tasted
Mad love pangs hops,
and losing, and victory,
And the name: враг; and the word: friend.

There were a lot ... What I know?
memories, Sleep shadows ...
I just strange repeat
Their golden names.

There were many. But one
Feature I joined them,
One mad beauty,
Whose name: passion and my life.

And the mystery of the passion fait,
And rising above the ground,
I have seen, how the other
On the bed of passion fatal ...

And the same affection, and already say,
Postılıy awe greedy STU,
And become familiar shoulders ...
Not! world unemotional, clean and empty!

AND, filling the chest fun,
From the top of the most snow rocks
I send an avalanche of the gorges,
Where I loved and kissed!

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