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Here are my song - you, Columbine.
It - grim constellation print:
Only in Attire jester Harlequin
Songs such I can resign.

Two - we taschimsya along the bazaar,
Both - in the ringing jesters outfit.
Hey, feast your eyes on a couple of stupid,
Listen to the ringing of bells swashbuckling!

go past the, speaking: "You, passer,
Exactly the same, like me, another;
Following is unlike you
Hunched beggar with wallet and a crutch ".

Who, passing, honors our gaze?
who can guess, that we had - together?
A decrepit old man follows me: «Soon».
I repeat: "Let's go, let's go to".

If a passerby looks indifferently, –
He smiles; I tremble;
I shout angrily: "I'm bored! I stuffy!»
he repeats: "Go. Is not comin '.

There, where the street, into hard crush
Take a look and hide the pink face, –
There we get into the crowded shop, –
I - Harlequin, and for me - old.

ABOUT, unless notice, notice,
Look into my eyes for a colorful outfit! –
May be, next to me, they will be met
My same - crafty, laughing glance!

There - a blue box Columbine,
pink evening, usnuvshyy ledge ...
The mortal fun - we are two Harlequin -
Young and old - are intertwined, обнялись!..

ABOUT, sections! You can see for yourself:
Those eyes, though different outfit!..
Old - he bluntly mocks you,
Junior - he tenderly devoted to you brother!

And, that window, - rosy eve,
And, that the top, - dazzling day!
There Columbine! ABOUT, people! ABOUT, beasts!
be, like children. Understand me.

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