Toptygin and fox

“Why are you crying,
You silly bear?” —
“How can I, bear,
Do not Cry, not to roar?

poor me, unhappy
I was born into the world
Without a tail.

Even shaggy,
In hlupыh sobachat
Behind the back of funny
tails stick out.

even naughty
torn cats
up bully
torn tails.

I just, unhappy
I walk in the woods
Without a tail.

Doctor, good doctor,
I pity you,
tail quickly
poor sew!”

good laugh
Dr. Aibolit.
silly Bear
The doctor says:

“Okay, okay, native, I'm ready.
I'm all you want tails.
there goat, eat horse,
there are donkey, long, long.
I have, orphan, service:
At least four of the tail tie ...”

Bear began to try tails,
Bear began to walk in front of a mirror:
the cat, the dog puts
Yes to Lysonku sboku pohlyadыvaet.

A fox laughs:
“It is very simple you!
Not as you, Misha, hath need of a tail!..
You take yourself better peacock:

gold he, green and blue.
This-this, Misa, you're good,
If the tail of a peacock You take!”

A clumsy and I'm glad:
“That's outfit is so outfit!
How shall I go peacock
The mountains and valleys,
And gasp animal people:
What a handsome man talking!

And bears, bears in the woods,
How to see my beauty,
ill, poor, with envy!”

But looking with a smile
A bear Aibolit:
“Where are you at the peacocks!
You take yourself goat!”

“I do not want tails
From sheep and cats!
Give me a minute peacock,
Gold, green, blue,
That I was walking through the woods,
beauty flaunted!”

And here in the mountains, in valley
Bear walks peacock,
And shining behind him
Gold and gold,
Blue Blue

A Fox, and Fox
And Julita, and fusses,
Misha walked about around,
He stroked the feathers:

“To what are you good,
So the peacock and plyvosh!
I did not recognize you and,
For the peacock took.
Brother, what a beauty
A peacock's tail!”

But then came the swamp hunters
And Mishenkin saw the tail away.
“Look: where is
The swamp glistens gold?”

No cubes jumped vpripryžku
And we saw a fool Mishka.
Before luzheyu Bear sitting,
As if in a mirror, in a puddle looks,

All his tail, stupid, admires,
before Lisonkoy, stupid, flaunts
And he does not see, not hear the hunters,
That run through the swamp with dogs.

That took the poor
With bare hands,
We took and tied

A Fox
“Oh, long you walked,
beauty flaunted!

Here you uzho, pavlinu,
Guys will warm back.
To boasted,
So as not to put on airs!”

Ran - enough Enough, —
I began to pluck the feathers.
And the whole tail of poor povydergala.

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