Part one

traveled bears
By bike.

And behind them a cat

And behind him gnats
Neither partner vozduşnom.

And behind them crayfish
A lame dog.

Wolves on the mare.
Lions in the car.

The tram.

Frog on a broom ...

Go and laugh,
gingerbread chew.

Suddenly out of the gate
scary giant,
Red-haired and mustachioed
cockroach, cockroach, Cockroach!

he growls, and shouts,
And the mustache wiggles:
“shoot, do not hurry,
I you instantly swallow!
swallow, swallow, will not spare”.

beasts trembled,
In a swoon fell.

Wolves in fright
Skushali another another.

poor crocodile
toad swallowed.

A sloniha, all shudder,
And I sat down on a hedgehog.

Only crabs bullies
Not afraid of a fight-a fight:
Though draw back,
But the mustache stir
I scream giant usatomu:

“Do not scream and do not ryči,
We ourselves barbel,
Can we ourselves
wiggling mustache!”
And back even further backed.

And Hippo said
Crocodiles and whales:

“Villain who is not afraid
And the monster fight,
I have to athlete
Two frogs gifts
And perhaps fir cone!”

“We are not afraid of it,
giant your:
we teeth,
we fangs,
We hoofs of his!”

And cheerful crowd
Zveri rushed into battle.

But, seeing barbel
Animals given Strekachev

Forests, fled through the fields:
Cockroach whiskers scare.

And I cried Hippo:
“What a shame, what a shame!
Hey, bulls and rhinos,
Come out of the den
And the enemy
on the horns

But the bulls and rhinos
Meet the den:
“We have an enemy
On to the horns.
skin of the road only,
And now also the horn
not cheap”,

And sit and tremble
under kustochkami,
Over the marsh hide

Crocodiles in nettles
And in the ditch elephants

Only heard,
Like teeth chattering,
Only seen,
How ears tremble.

A spirited monkey
We picked up the suitcases
And most of all legs

I shark
Only the tail waved.

And for her cuttlefish -
And backs,
And rolls.

Part two

That was the Cockroach
the winner,
And the forests and fields of the lord.
Conquering the animals mustachioed.
(May he fall,
He walked about therebetween,
Gilded belly strokes:
“Bring me, beasts,
your detushek,
Today I have them for dinner
I eat up!”

Poor, poor beasts!
howl, weep, roar!
Each den
And in each cave
Evil glutton klyanut.

And what kind of mother
agree to give
My dear child -
bear, volčonka,
slonenka, —
To nesytoe stuffed
poor Little

they cry, killed,
With the kids forever
say goodbye.

But once in the morning
Priskakala kangaroo,
Uvidala USACE,
cried out a temper:
“Is Giant?
It's just a cockroach!

cockroach, cockroach,
Are not you ashamed?
Not hurt you?
You - toothy,
You - fang,
A Shrimp
A Little girl trying

frightened hippos,
Zašeptali: “What are you, What are you!
Go-ka you here!
It would not have been a blessing to us!”

Only suddenly due kustochka,
Due to the blue grove,
From distant fields of
arrives Sparrow.
Yes jumping jumping
Even though far-rotten,

I picked and pecked Cockroach,
That's no giant.
Division giant dostalosâ,
And the mustache on it does not remain.

This to-work, to-to work
All feral family,
Proslavlyayut, congratulate
Daring Sparrow!

Donkeys him fame on the notes they sing,
Kozlы beard road sweep,
sheep, sheep
Pounding drums!

Rooks with watchtower
The bats
On the roof
waving handkerchiefs
And dance.

And elephant-woman of fashion
So dashing like mad,
What ruddy moon
In the sky tremble
And the poor elephant
fell head over heels.

Here then was a concern -
The moon to dive into the swamp
And nails to nail the heavens!

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