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Shura and Yuri were angry boys. I lived with their dog Polkan. They tortured and teased him. Would tie the tail of the paper, set fire to it with a match, he turns tail, it hurts, He is crying, screeches, and they look at it, and laugh at him, and throw snowballs at him, and poured over cold water. These bad boys evil! And then harnessed to his sledge, They sit down on a sled together and demand, so he took them down the street. difficult for him, he is tired, barely breathing, Here's fall, and they urge on him and whipped his long whip.

It's hard life was Polkan! But he was patient and kind and forgiving those cruel boys. And every day they were becoming meaner and meaner.

And finally, he could not resist. somehow in the morning, when the children went to school, He ran out of his booth and run run - across the fields, Forests, in the mountains - to the realm of the Dog!

In the realm of Dog single person: there dogs live, dogs, dogs, even a cat there is not one: all pugs, Bulldogs, dachshund, bolonki, Shepherd, and many simple mongrels. Dogs walk under umbrellas, dog crowd in the cinema, Dog reading newspapers, sell dogs, buy dogs ...

And everywhere: on the streets, in trams, in buses, in the shops, in apartments and only heard: Handcuffs, Handcuffs, Handcuffs, Handcuffs ...

Dog in the middle kingdom - a huge gilded booth. It lives the king of all dogs of the famous eighteenth Ulyalyay. He is a gold collar, and on his head a golden crown.

I told Polkan canine king Ulyalyayu, how tortured his Shura and Jura, like throwing snowballs at him, how it was poured onto cold cold water. The king listened to him and said,:

- You, Polkan, stay here, can rest, take a walk, and these wretched boys tomorrow bring me!

It all dogs zarыchaly, howl, barked and called shaggy mongrel Barbosku:

- Go and bring quickly to the king of evil and cruel boys!

And shaggy mongrel Barboska waved shaggy tail, and immediately set off to the house, where live Shura and Jura.

They have not returned from school.

Barboska stood in the porch and waiting. Here they come, Now we come, and both saw Barbosku, They clapped their hands with joy:

- What a hefty dog! Dyke we zapryazhom it into a large truck, and it is lucky we have the fields, Forests, the mountains. And we will beat her whip and shout.

So they sat in the truck together, and urge on Barbosku whip. A Barboska of waiting, it flew, bolt upright.

Brother, as a fun ride so fast! But where she carries them? unknown road, terrible. Deep forests and high mountains!

- Hey, dog, where you have vezosh?

A dog does not seem to hear. Everything runs and runs forward!

- Tpru! - they shouted. - Hey, you, dog, stay!

But the dog did not seem to hear: runs and runs forward.

The boys were frightened, cried and cried:

- Spas! Help! This dog - a mad! Stop it.

But around - nobody! A dog runs and runs.

- Listen, dog! - they cried. - We'll give you bread and meat! Let us go home, Oh please!

But Barboska and does not want to listen to: rushing forward and forward, and finally they came to the city Kusilay, the capital of the kingdom of the Dog.

Immediately ran to him some terrible black dogs.

- Who you are? - I asked them Shura.

- Where are we? - I asked them Jura.

- It is the capital of the kingdom of Dog, - said black dogs, - and we - city guards. We have long been waiting for. You are commanded to deliver to the king.

Shura frightened and Jura, arms and legs began to tremble at them, and they cried again:

- Let us go, you are welcome, home!

But then ran up Bulldogs, drawn by the crew in the beautiful. The boys sat there, Bulldogs and rushed them to the king's gilded booth Ulyalyaya.

Ulyalyay left the booth so angry and grumpy, that the boys thought: he will tear them to shreds.

Black guards bowed to the king and said,:

- Here, your dog's Majesty, these are the villains boys, which you ordered to present before your bright eyes.

- R-rr-rr! - King said Ulyalyay and bared his sharp teeth.

"Now he will tear us apart!"- I thought in terror Shura and Jura.

- Let us go home! - they shouted. - We will be good, good and we will not hurt anyone.

- I do not believe you! - said Ulyalyay. - You stupid and evil bullies, and you will have fun torturing dogs. Stay at us in the realm of a Dog, as long as you become kinder and wiser!

And then we attacked the huge black dogs in the Shura and Yuri, They grabbed their teeth and dragged somewhere. How long will they dragged the boys on the rocky road and finally shoved into some kind of booth. It was a doghouse. The boys tried to escape, but dogs wearing tight collars on them and put them on the iron chain. The chain was very short, and remembered Shura and Jura, and that there Polkan, дома, at home, too, it was a short circuit.

A step from the booth they could not move. They fell on the dirty straw and cried. For a long time they could not sleep, but when, finally, fell asleep, - they dream of chocolate ice cream. As if they were having dinner with his father and mother, and for lunch they have a sweet compote and ice cream. But when they woke up, they found themselves in the straw just smelly, rotten leftovers, the bones of some fish, eggshell and solid, like a stone, jam bread.

They so much wanted to eat, they eagerly jumped on chorstvuyu crust. But then we ran two dogs and have taken from them the crust. And they once took away food from Polkan.

For a long time they wept with resentment and hunger, but he ran Barboska, lowered them with plugs, harnessed them to the cart, I sat in it, and let them drive the whip. Boys ran.

At first it was as though it easy, but with each step it became more and more difficult. trolley heavy, Barboska heavy, Bridle scratching lip - boys fell to the ground and weep: they are exhausted, weakened and can no longer continue to flee.

And their whip lashes Barboska:

- B-but, loafers! Get up! Flee! I'll show you, how to sit back!

Cried the poor prisoners, and gathered around dozens of dogs: pugs, Bulldogs, St. Bernard dog, dachshund, Poodle, Shepherd, dvornyagi, lyagavye, greyhounds and beagles. Important lapdog Juju looked at them and said,:

- So they need and, unfit boys! no further, how this winter, when I lived with them in the city, They doused me with cold water. I spent three days was a desperate runny nose. Three days later I sneeze and cough. It is said dog Terrible "P-p-p!"- and bared scary sharp teeth.

That's right, they will tear the Shura and Yuri to shreds!

Those bowed Barboske and very politely asked her:

- You are welcome, Take us to the king! We want him to say something ...

Barboska led them to the king.

- What do you want? - growled at them Ulyalyay Eighteenth.

- We want to be good, - said the boys.

- And if you want, all the better! Who's stopping you?

- Let us go, you are welcome, home! There we immediately become good.

- Call here Polkan! - King said Ulyalyay.

Polkan ran, and, without a word, I looked at children.

- Can you forgive these boys? - asked Ulyalyay Eighteenth. - They speak, they would certainly no longer hurt and tease dogs.

- With pleasure, - Polkan said and laughed for joy. - I believe, that they will become good, because here, in our kingdom, you gave them a good lesson!

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