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Once there was a king. His name was Elisha. He was a very important and stupid. And there was a king's son – hero and handsome, – brave prince Roman. And the thought of marrying Roman. But where to find a good wife? It was, of course, near many beautiful brides – daughter of the neighboring kings. Each would have willingly followed the young prince. But the king would not hear them, – so it was an important and silly.

– remember, – he said to the prince, – What are you – my son, and thou shalt take a wife in the most notable, the richest, the most beautiful girl, which has never happened in the world!

And I come to the king, cunning wizard with a long white beard, He bowed three times to him and said,:

– Nowhere in all the land there is beautiful, that would be worthy of being the wife of your brave son. But around the corner, far far away, the old king lives Hodinamelya beautiful princess Yasnosveta. Every evening, scarcely become dark, from her face and clothes come shine, both the heavenly moon. And I'll tell you a great secret, which no one knows, – This girl really Luna!

– Why the Moon – in the sky! – cried the king.

– Not! – I answered with a deep bow wizard, grinning at his long beard. – Every morning she comes down from heaven to earth, the daughters of the king Hodinamelya, and sports with them in the garden, and everyone calls her Yasnosvetoy. And only in the evening, in the darkness, she flies away from earth to heaven.

King was very glad Elisha:

– thank you, wise wizard! There, in the sky, among the stars you found my son's wife. celestial moon! Sister of the almighty sun! Here are jealous of me all the other kings and queens!

And without a moment's hesitation, he outfitted the son of a long journey, and he rushed to the kingdom of Far Far Away to the glorious king Hodinamelyu and saw him in the palace of the beautiful princess Yasnosvetu.

The king was not the father Hodinamel Yasnosvety. A little girl she went to his palace and went to live in his, along with his daughters. No one knew, where her father and mother where.

It really was a beauty. And her eyes shone like stars, when a brave prince told her,, he wants to marry her. She fell in love at first sight of Prince and immediately agreed to go with him in his home country.

Very happy the king Elisha, when a brave prince Roman brought to his palace Yasnosvetu.

just fancy, what riches will bring it to the king and the prince! After all, it is richer than all brides: she and the sea, and forests, and clouds, and the stars of pure gold!

And to celebrate, the king made a silly jolly wedding. And invited to the wedding all the kings and queens of the near and distant countries. "Come all and envy: my son marries a celestial moon!»

The wedding attracted many visitors, and they are all very sorry, that will never, They never see the moon in the sky!

The night will be black, though not come out of the gate. go astray, soboshsya the road. the moon is now shining only king of Elisha and his son Roman, and all the other people – everything, how much! – remain without moon, In the dark.

Especially good king become sad Pantelei, lord of a realm overseas. Looking at the princess Yasnosvetu, he recalled his daughter the dead, that twelve years ago, disappeared from home. He searched for it everywhere and nowhere to be found. Now he looks at Yasnosvetu and not eat or drink and sighs. Yasnosveta so much like him dead daughter.

And Elisha the king happy. He sits on his throne and laughs.

– What are you depressed? – he says to his guests. – Jealous of me and my son Roman? Yes, Dear friends, tight you have to without the moon. Namuchaetes you in the dark. But I have, in my kingdom, the moon will shine all year round – from dawn to dusk – and not somewhere, and here, at the table! Now she – our, my, and I will not let her into the sky. Needless her walking between the clouds and the stars!

And the king Elisha laughed even louder.

But it has happened to all guests? Why do they look out the window and whispering and pushing each other with their elbows?

The king looked to the same, which looked more, and immediately stopped laughing. He saw, in the sky as if nothing had happened shines round large moon, and her silver light poured through the surrounding fields and forests.

And looking at her, and laugh, and rejoice.

– What a fool he, the king of Elisha! – loudly they speak to each other. – He fooled his cunning sorcerer! He uttered nonsense, And he believed, if the heavenly bodies can go to our land.

The king stood up from his throne, I ran over to the sorcerer and attacked him with fists:

– Oh, you shameless liar! Because of you, I was now in a fool! He wanted to marry his son to the Moon, and she married him to a miserable orphan, of nishtenke, which does not have a penny to his.

– Not, she is not an orphan! Not true! – unexpectedly king cried Panteley. – I found it, my Yasnosvetu! She is – my only daughter. She stole my evil robbers and took her to the king Hodinamelyu. And now it came back to me!

And the king Pantelei rushed to embrace Yasnosvetu. And yet again, seated at the table and feasted for three days and three nights. And a brave prince Roman, sitting at a table with Yasnosvetoy, a thousand times repeated to her, that for him it is dearer moon, beautiful sun.

The moon shone in the sky, and it seemed, there, in height, among the clouds and stars, she laughs at stupid king, who would believe fables, spoke about her cunning sorcerer.

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