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There was once a very good actor. He came to kindergarten to read my kids a fairy tale. But he was absent-minded – of the scattered with pool, – and all my tales he messed up in the head. Begins to read "Moidodir", read five or six words – and knock on "Fedorino mountain". She wants to read "Fedorino mountain", and he goes, "Cockroach".

Children listened to him and shouted:

– Wrong! Not so! Not that!
– Okay, okay! – he answered children. – Now I read "Bibigon".

And reads "Fly Boldly Buzzing".

So what happened in his nonsense. I wrote down on paper all, what he said, and now I can not tell, from what tales he wove their nonsense this. Пожалуйста, help me and write to the editor, What tales entangled in it. I will be grateful to you for the help. A version of the "Don" will print the names of the ten readers, who before others will send the right answers.

Here is messed TALE

1. Mucha went on the field,
Fly coin found.
Fly went to the bazaar
And I bought a samovar.
Come to Fly
Grandma Bee,
Honey brought.

2. And her gnats
Neither partner vozduşnom,
And behind them crayfish
A lame dog.

3. And behind them fork,
Wineglass yes bottle,
Da cup spoon
Jump the track.

4. And behind them a pie:
"Come eat me, friend ".
And behind him and a sandwich:
ran – and directly into the mouth.

5. A Lisichki
match took
To the sea blue went,
Sea blue lighted.
Here the butterfly flew,
wings waved,
It was the sea fade –
and went out.

6. And now the same brush, brush
crackled, as the ratchet,
And let me rub,

7. Shark caracul nipochem,
We shark astrakhan brick,
We punched the shark scribbles,
We shark doodles heel,
Scared shark
And with fear drowned.

8. Повернулся,
And the villain
like a fly,

9. A magpie-beloboky
We rode through the fields,
cried Crane:
«Up! above! Crocodile
Sun in the sky swallowed!»
darkness fell,
Do not go for Vorota:
Who's got the street –
Lost and gone.

10. resorted fireflies,
lighted lights,
Then it became fun,
That's good!

11. Hey, centipedes,
Run along the path,
Call musicians,
Let's dance!

12. A baby Hippo
Uhvatilisʹ for the tummy
And laugh-filled in
So, that oak trees are shaken.

13. And elephant-woman of fashion
So dashing like mad,
What ruddy moon
In the sky tremble
And the poor elephant
fell head over heels


1. "Fly Tsokotukha".

2. "Cockroach".

3. "Fedoryn grief".

4. Moydodır.

5. "Confusion".

6. Moydodır

7. "Barmalej".

8. "Barmalej".

9. "Stolen Sun".

10. "Fly Tsokotukha".

11. "Fly Tsokotukha".

12. "Oh How It Hurts".

13. "Cockroach".

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  1. There was once a very good actor. He came to kindergarten to read my kids a fairy tale. Но он был рассеянный рассеянный с Бассейной, and all my tales he messed up in the head. Начнет читать Мойдодыра , прочтет пять-шесть слов и собьется на Федорино горе . Хочет прочитать Федорино горе , а у него выходит Тараканище .

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