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For distant seas, at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Quick on the river Sorengoyu, there is a small country Dolittle. It ruled Dr. Aibolit, ruddy, gray-haired and good. The main inhabitants of this country swans, hares, camels, proteins, Cranes yes Eagles, to Olena.
Next to Dr. Dolittle – zverinoe kingdom Brute. There, among the deserts and forests, live jaguars, jackals, widow, rhinos and other bloodthirsty beasts. The king of this country – Barmalej. Woe, who get lost and fall into his kingdom!
But, Luckily, away, a wide plain has powerful country Chudoslaviya. In this country, the millions of heroes, and among them – famous warrior, Valiant Vanya Vasilchikov. look here, he defeated Barmaley Dolittle and saved from a terrible invasion of wild animals.

Part one

Wicked-wicked, bad snake
Bit young sparrow.
(It hurts sparrow, painfully!)

He wanted to fly, not my,
And he cried and fell on the sand.
(It hurts sparrow, painfully!)

And came to him a toothless old woman,
Goggle-eyed green lyaguha.
(It is a pity sparrow, miserably!)

For wing sparrow took it
And the patient took the swamp.
(It is a pity sparrow, miserably!)

He leaned out of the window hedgehog:
"Where are you off his, green, behaving?»
"To the doctor, nice little, to the doctor!»
"Wait for me, old woman, under a bush,
The two of us it rather bring home –
To the doctor, to the good doctor "

But this circle of darkness,
That is not visible in the forest or bush.
And they were lost in transit
Do not know, where to go.

Only suddenly ran firefly,
He's a wonderful torch lit:
"Follow me, friends,
I'm sorry your sparrow!»

And they ran ran
For its blue light.
And see: away under a pine tree
Painted house stands,

And sitting there on the balcony
The good doctor, gray Aibolit.
He jackdaw wing bandages
And rabbit tale tells.

At the entrance to meet them
Loveable elephant
And to the doctor quietly
It leads to the balcony.

But the cries and moans
sick sparrow,
He is the minute
Weaker and weaker:
He came to his death sparrow!

And in the hands Doctor
the patient takes.
And heal the sick
All night long.

And treats, and treats him in the morning.
And a look – Hooray! Hooray! –

The patient started up,
He moved his wing.
tweeted: Chick! Chick!
And the window flew off.
"Thank, my friend,
I cured you!
I will never forget
your kindness!»

And there in the doorway crowded squalid:
Blind ducklings and proteins legless,
Lame frog with a sick stomach,
Lean cuckoo with a broken wing
And rabbits bitten by wolves.

And the doctor treats them all day until sunset,
And suddenly laughed forest zveryata:
"Again, we are healthy and happy!»

And in the forest fled play and dance,
And even forgot to say thank you,
Forgot to say goodbye!

A doctor tired collapsed on a chair,
yawn, She smiled sweetly asleep.

But once someone
Knocking at the gates:
'Brother, doctor, rather
Save hippo!
In hippo ykota!
Only iknot behemoth,
Poor our swamp
So shake and go!
Even elephants and boas
fly, somersaulting, in ditch!»

"Not, I will not go
treat hippo,
I hippo
treat reluctance:

your behemoth –
Murderous villain,
He strangled four swans!»

But then came running
To him rhinos,
they cried
On his doorstep:

"Save the gorilla,
gorilla sick;
live wasp
I swallowed it!»

I swallowed a wasp!
I'm an evil wasp
You would not save!

And the evil gorilla
Let them tormented,
So far from overeating
She did not wean!»

But then to Dolittle knocked wolf
"I want you to undergo treatment!»
"And what do you fall ill?»
"Yes toothache.
I ate today
twelve kids!

"Go yourself, evil!
Only good I fly,
You, krovopyytsu,
I do not want to treat!»

Rasserdilasâ Volčič:
"There is nothing to mess around with them, –
With turkeys, with hedgehogs,
Yes with kozlyatami!
If anyone okoleet,
No one will spare!»

And she said begemotitsa:
"Look Found cared about.
It's all simple people,
No problem, when pomrёt ".

I shark Karakula
Mouth widened:
"You-treat my children,
A sparrow does not dare!»

And he grinned jackal,
And his teeth rattled:
"We do not need doktorishek
For some vorobishek!
We are now you will eat,
No one give!»

But looks boldly
Enemies Aibolit:

I'm at your mercy!
Tear me apart!
Grab me
And swallow me!
but know, villains:
innumerable army
I will defend!
She will not forgive,
She stands up for me!»

A fierce beasts meaner and all fiercely.
It will not be spared from the evil beasts.
Their teeth are terrible, Horns and hooves,
they devour, kill Dr. Dolittle.

Poor, gray Aibolit!
Who will protect him?

Then in the window to it flies

"Do not be afraid, good doctor,
Do not be afraid!

not part, good doctor,
Я с тобой,

You I, good doctor,
I go out to battle.

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  1. resist Barmaleя . For the first time in Pioneer truth (1942, 19, 26 Aug., 1, 9, 16, 23 St.) Excerpts were published in Pravda Vostoka (1942, 9 Aug.). AT 1943 , the tale went separate editions in Yerevan, in Tashkent, Penza.

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