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round wire, stunned Barmalej
AND, chalk, blanched Barmalej,
And I wept Barmalej,
And before Vanya fell Barmalej:
"Do not ruin you me,
Do not cut me you,
Have pity on me, pity!»

But Vanya grinned,
Right-left turning
And he asked for bears,
Eagles and swans:
«Poshtadity you Barmaleya,
bloodthirsty villain?»

And now out of the woods
Three hundred thousand votes
cried: "Not! not! not!
Yes perish eater!
The executioner no mercy!»

And rushed to the tank
Three eagles-partisan
And utter a harsh voice:
"You are a traitor and a murderer,
Purely Alive!

you listen, krovopyytsa,
a national verdict:

Shoot a machine gun

And immediately in the quiet autumn morning,
At eight o'clock on Sunday
Was the verdict given in pursuance

And so stinking poison flooded
Heart of black reptile killed,
Even filthy hyena
They zashatalisy, like a drunken.
Fell in the grass, sick
And every one Okolelov.
A good animals were saved from infection,
Saved their wonderful masks

part Nine

And laugh Bears,
smiling walrus,
And with shaggy
somersault urchins.
Council, Board whole earth,
Rada groves and fields,
Rada blue lake
And gray poplar:

"There is not Barmaley,
bloodthirsty villain!
Fierce disappeared Barmalej,
It has become the world's more fun!»

And the ravens over fields
Suddenly singing nightingales.

And streams from the earth
Sweet honey flowed.

Chickens began surfactants,
bald – curly.

And the cow along the village
jumped cheerful

Rada, glad to, glad to
bright birch.
And they joy
roses bloom.

Rada, glad to, glad to
dark aspen,
And they joy
grow oranges.

It does not rain went from the cloud
And no city.
Then poured out of the cloud

Many carrots and apples
And sweets
Suddenly fell down from the cloud
Guys three weeks
spruce, eating, eating, eating
And with a stuffed belly
They lay down under a bush,
And then let us first
Eating one's fill,
And then much more remains
Candy and nuts uneaten.

Dancing geese turkeys
And chamomile with cornflowers.
Even the mill -and that
Zaplyasala the bridge.

So run the same for me
On green meadows,
Where I become blue on the river
Rose rainbow-arc!

We scrambled up to the rainbow,
Play in the clouds
And from there – down over the rainbow
On the sled and skating!

And with a cheerful Aibolit
Sam goes Vasilchikov.
Before the hero of the famous
Gives Way people:

"Glory, glory to the winner,
Our homeland savior!»

And the hero Aibolit,
smiling, He speaks:
"It is not easy was the victory
Above horde cannibal,
But then shed
Our valiant blood,
To each got
happiness only, only joy,
Only tenderness and love!»

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  1. resist Barmaleя . For the first time in Pioneer truth (1942, 19, 26 Aug., 1, 9, 16, 23 St.) Excerpts were published in Pravda Vostoka (1942, 9 Aug.). AT 1943 , the tale went separate editions in Yerevan, in Tashkent, Penza.

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