Tsokotukha fly

Fly, Tsokotukha fly,
Gilt belly!

Mucha went on the field,
Fly coin found.

Mucha went to the bazaar
And I bought a samovar:

“revenues, cockroaches,
I'll give you tea!”

cockroaches resorted,
All drinking glasses,

And insects -
Three cups
With milk
And pretzels:
Today Boldly Buzzing Fly
Birthday Girl!

We came to Fly Fleas,
We brought her boots,
And the boots are not simple -
They clasp gold.

Come to Fly
Granny Bee,
Honey brought ...

eat jam!
Or you do not like
our refreshments?”

Suddenly some old man
Fly in our area
dragged -
He wants to kill poor,
Tsokotukha destroy!

“Dear guests, Help!
Spider-villain hack to death!
And I fed you,
And I gave to drink you,
Do not leave me
In my last hour!”

But beetles worms
in the corners, by shtelyam
under sofas,
A Little girl trying
under benches,
And insects under the bed -
Do not want to fight!
And no one even seat
will not move:
Birthday Girl!

A grasshopper, and the grasshopper,
Well, just like a man,
jump, jump, jump, jump!
for kustok,
under mostok
And molchok!

A villain is not joking,
Arms and legs, he turns Fly cords,
The teeth are sharp in the heart plunges
And she drinks the blood.

Fly screaming screams,
A villain is silent,

Suddenly, from somewhere flies
small midge,
And in his hand lit
small flashlight.

“where killer, where the villain?
Not afraid of his claws!”

Flies up to Spider,
saber takes
And his entire gallop
cuts off his head!

Fly hand picks
And leads to the window:
“I cut down the villain,
I have redeemed you
And now, soul-girl,
On you want to get married!”

Here insects and gnats
Crawl out from under the bench:
“Glory, thank Komar -

resorted fireflies,
Lighted lights -
Then it became fun,
That's good!

Hey, centipedes,
Run along the path,
Call musicians,
Let's dance!

Musicians came running,
The drums rattled.
bom! I will! I will! I will!
Dancing fly to Komarom.

And therein a Klopp, Klopp
top boots, top!

Kozyavochki with chervyakami,
Bukaşeçki c motılkami.
A horned beetles,
guys rich,
waving caps,
With butterflies dance.

Tara-ra, Mr. packaging,
midges danced.

Veselytsya people -
Fly marriage comes
For evil, swashbuckling,
young Komar!

Muravey, Muravey!
No regrets bast, —
With ant hopped
And bukashechkam winks:

“you bukashechki,
you Bedelia,
Containers, containers, packaging, packaging, tarakashechky!”

boots squeak,
heels knock, —
Will be, will midges
Have fun until the morning:
Today Boldly Buzzing Fly
Birthday Girl!

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