It's cold

A blanket
flew sheet,
and pillows,
Galloped away from me.

I'm for a candle,
Candle - the stove!
I for book,
Ta - run
And skipping
Under the bed!

I want to drink tea,
To run up the samovar,
But bellied me
Ran away, like fire.

Oh god, Christ,
What happened?
From what
everything around
And raced wheel?

sash -
everything revolves,
and circled,
And rushing head over heels.

Suddenly from my mother's bedroom,
Bow-legged and lame,
runs sink
And shakes his head:

“Oh you, nasty, Oh you, dirty,
unwashed pig!
You're black chimney-sweep,
Admire the:
On your neck blacking,
You have under the nose of the Blob,
You have such arms,
Even escaped pants,
even pants, even pants
They run away from you.

Early in the morning at dawn
wash pups,
And kittens, and utyata,
And bugs, and Paučková.

You alone are not washed
And the pig was,
And escape from the Dirt
And shoes and stockings.

I - The Great Wash,
famous Moidodyr,
washbasins Head
And the commander of the sponges!

If I kick topnu,
I will call my soldiers,
This room crowd
sinks will fly,
and hall, and howl,
And kicking zastuchat,
And you dressing,
with unwashed, give -
Right in the Sink,
Right in the Sink
To plunge!”

He struck in copper pan
And vskrichal: “Kara-Baras!”

And now the same brush, brushes
crackled, as the ratchet,
And let me rub,

“my, my chimney sweep
Clean, clean, clean, clean!
Will be, It will be a chimney sweep
clean, clean, clean, clean!”

Here and soap soared
And clinging to the hair,
And yulilo, and mylilo,
And Qusay, how wasp.

And from the frenzied washcloths
I rushed, how of batons,
And it is for me, follow me
Sadovaya, of Haymarket.

I Tauride Garden,
I jumped through the fence,
She rushes over me
and bite, as Volčič.

Suddenly I meet my good,
My favorite Crocodile.
He Totosha and Kokosh
The alley was held.

And loofah, like a jackdaw,
like a jackdaw, swallowed.

And then as growl
On me,
How legs zastuchit
On me:
“Go-ka you home,
He speaks,
Yes wash his face,
He speaks,
And not as a lean,
He speaks,
Trample and swallow!”
He speaks.

As I set off down the street
I ran to the sink

soap, soap
soap, soap
I washed without end,
Washed and Wuxi
and black
With unwashed face.

And now the same pants, trousers
And jumped into my arms.

And behind them a pie:
“Come, eat me, boyfriend!”

And behind him and a sandwich:
I jumped - and into the mouth!

That book came back,
gates notebook,
And grammar is set off
With arithmetic dance.

Here Grand Wash,
famous Moidodyr,
washbasins Head
And the commander of the sponges,
She ran up to me, dancing,
AND, the whole, spoke:

“Now I love you,
Now I praise you!
Finally, you, slut,
Moidodyr hit!”

Must, I need to wash
In the mornings and evenings,

And the unclean
Chimney sweep -
Shame and disgrace!
Shame and disgrace!

Long live the soap fragrant,
And fluffy towel,
And toothpowder,
And a thick comb!

Let's wash, splash,
Bathe, dive, tumble
In Fur, in the trough, in Lohan,
In a river, in a stream, in the ocean, —

And in the bath, in the bath,
Anytime and anywhere -
Eternal glory to the water!

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Korney Chukovsky
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