stolen sun

The sun was walking in the sky
And in the cloud has run.
Zainka looked out the window,
It became dark Zainka.

A magpie-beloboky
We rode through the fields,
cried Crane:
“above! above! Crocodile
Sun in the sky swallowed!”

darkness fell.
Do not go for Vorota :
Who's got the street -
Lost and gone.

Crying gray sparrow:
“Depart, Sun, probably!
We hurt without sun -
The grain of the field is not visible!”

crying Bunny
On the lawn:
strayed, poor, the way,
They walk up to the house is not.

Only bug-eyed crabs
On the ground in the darkness climb,
Yes ovrahe in the mountain
Wolves are howling mad.

Early in
two sheep
Knocking at the gate:
Tra-ta-ta and tra-ta-ta!

“Hey you, beasts, exit,
crocodile victories,
To greedy crocodile
Sun in the sky brokers!”

But fear hairy:
“Where are we with such a fight!
He formidable and toothy,
He will not give us the sun!”
And they fled to the bear in a den:
“Come-ka you, Bear, to the rescue.
Fully paw you, loafer, suck.
It is necessary to rescue the sun go!”

But the reluctance to fight the Bear:
He walks, he walks, Bear, swamp circle,
He cries, Bear, and Reveto,
Cubs, he calls out of the swamp:

“Oh, where are you going, Tolstopyatov, sginuli?
Who do you have, old, threw?”

And in the swamp Bear picks,
Cubs looking for driftwood:
“Where are you going, where you gone?
Or in the gutter fell?
Or stray dogs
You broke into the darkness?”
All day she wanders through the woods,
But nowhere cubs finds.
Only black owl out of the thicket
On her his eyes staring.

Here zaychiha left
And Medvedev talks:
“It is a shame the old bray -
You're not a hare, and Bear.
You podi-ka, kosolapıy,
crocodile scratched,
Break it apart,
Pluck the sun out of the mouth.
And when it again
Will shine in the sky,
Your furry kids,
bears Tolstopyatov,
Themselves will come running to the house:
“Hello, grandfather, we are here!”

And he arose
begin to roar
And to the Great River

And in Great River
And his teeth
Do not fire burns, —
red sun,
sun stolen.

Bear walked quietly,
Tolkanul it lightly:
“I'm telling you, the villain,
Spit sun soon!
A not to, look, catch,
I will break in half, —
thou shalt, ignoramus, know
Our sun steal!
Look robber rock:
I snatched the sun from the sky
And with a stuffed belly
I fell under a bush
And grunts sleepily,
Like a well-fed sow.
A light disappears,
And he, and no grief!”

But unscrupulous laughs
So, that the tree shakes:
“If only want to,
And the moon I swallow!”

I could not stand
And the evil enemy

Oh, he crushed his
And broke it:
“Bring here
our sun!”

frightened Crocodile,
screamed, to wail,
A trap
IZ zubastoy
Sun you valilos,
In the sky you rolled!
Ran through the bushes,
On birch sheets.

Hello, golden sun!
Hello, sky is blue!

Steel birds twitter,
For the little insects fly.

Steel Bunny
On the lawn
Tumbling and jumping.

and looking: bears,
How funny kittens,
Directly to the grandfather shaggy,
Tolstopyatov, fleeing:
“Hello, grandfather, we are here!”

Rada bunnies and squirrels,
Rada of boys and girls,
Hug and kiss clumsy:
“Well, thank you, grandfather, for the sun!”

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