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In one town there was a big trouble. He arrived from somewhere winged woman Medusa. She slowly passed through the streets, and every, who looked at her, at the same moment I became a stumbling.

Instead of hair at Medusa had long black snake. They keep moving and hissed.

She quietly and sadly looked into the eyes of every passerby, and he immediately turned into a petrified statue. And if the bird, flying over land, I glanced at Medusa, bird dropped the stone on the ground.

It was a summer day wonderful. on lawns, in the gardens and on the streets ran a lot of children. They played funny games, leaping, plyasaly, They are laughing and singing. But as soon as Medusa pass them, and they turned into a cold heap of stones.

In the same city in a magnificent palace of the king lived Polydectes. He was cowardly and stupid: before the afraid Medusa, that escaped from the palace and hid with his nobles in the cellar, deep underground.

"Here I can not be afraid of Medusa,- he said with smehom.- Here it I did not find!»

The cellar was a lot of food and wine; the king was sitting at the table and feasting with his nobles. What he was dealing, in the city, там, upstairs, people are killed one after the other and can not be saved from the cruel witch!

Luckily, I lived in this city a brave Perseus. All loved him. He never feared no one. When the terrible Medusa took place in the city, he was not home. Perseus returned home in the evening. Neighbors told him about Medusa.

- Wicked, heartless witch! - I cried on.- Go and kill sho.

Neighbors shook his head sadly and said,:

- There have been many such daredevils, that ho- Teli fight with the Gorgon Medusa. But none of them did not come back here: It all turned to stone.

- But I can not sit idly by! After all, it will destroy all the inhabitants of our city, all my friends and kin GOVERNMENTAL! Today, avenged her for her evil deeds.

Percy ran through the streets, asking each counter, where housing Medusa. But no one answered him. Everyone was crying over some stone.

Perseus looked on his way to every house: Are there pet Medusa. Passing by the king's cellar, he thought: if it's there? I ran down the stairs down - and saw in the cave of the king! Polydectes king was sitting at the table on the throne and fun feasting with his nobles.

- Hey, you! - I hope he cried Perseyu.-, You did not come here empty-handed! Do you want to give me some some strange fish? Or juicy berries and sweet fruits?

- Not,- said Persey.- I did not bring anything - wee fish, no fruit, or berries. But soon I'll bring you a precious gift, which will please and to hang your heart lit.. The king's eyes sparkled with greed.

- Dear boy,- he said, welcoming go- moose,- Come closer to me and say,, some of the core- going-precious gift you bring me. May be, you found on the bottom of the sea pearl or gold crown? - Not,- said Perseus,- my gift more precious than gold, more expensive than the best pearls…

What is it? Tell!

- The head of Medusa the Gorgon! - loudly said Persey.- Yes, I'll give you the head of Medusa Gorgo- th! I will kill this evil witch. I'll save her from their homeland!

The king brought his fist down on the table:

- Go away from me, pathetic fool! Or you do not know, that thousands of my brave warriors try- were to destroy Medusa, but many turned it into stone, and the rest fled from her, both from the fierce beast?

- Your soldiers are the same cowards, like you! — angrily replied Persey.- But I did and not afraid of anything! I will not run away from the Gorgon. And you'll get from me on her head. Having said this, He turned and went with quick steps from the basement. Forgetting about everything, he thought about one teier: how to find Medusa and saved from her native country?

But all in vain poch until the morning he wandered through the streets of the city. Only this morning he met a familiar fisherman, who said,, Jellyfish that live near, under high mountain, the brook.

By evening, Perseus reached the highest mountain, on the slope where the gray stones under the trees slept soundly Medusa. Perseus drew his sword and rushed down the mountain ledges. But he soon stopped and thought: "After all, to cut off the head of the sleeping witch, and must look at it, and if I look at it, She now turn me to stone ". He raised his copper shield - round, shiny and smooth - and looked at him, like looking in the mirror. This panel reflects and trees, and gray stones, who were on the side of a mountain. In it is reflected and sleeping woman, which had no hair around the head, and pseudechis.

So Perseus succeeded with the help of a wonderful board to see Medusa, never looking at her. Medusa slept on the ground, alongside their ugly sisters, which were similar to large fattened pigs. Its wings glittered, like a rainbow, she had such a great, sad, pensive young face, Percy was sorry to kill her.

But then he saw, that on the head of Medusa stirred black poisonous snakes, I recalled, no amount of innocent people and children killed this wicked beauty, much good, happy, Merry turned it into a dead stone. And he was even more, than before, I wanted to deal with it.

Looking in the mirror shield, which reflects the Medusa, Perseus ran up to her and just one stroke of the sword slot its ugly head. The head flew off and rolled down to the creek. But Perseus and no longer looked at her, because now she could turn him into stone. He took the bag, crosslinked goat fur, He threw the head of Medusa, and quickly ran to the mountains.

Sister of Medusa awake. Seeing, that killed Medusa, they were shouting blown up and, like birds of prey, They began circling above the trees. Here they noticed Perseus and flew him.

- Give us a head of our sisters! - shouted oni.- Give us the head of our sisters! Perseus fled to the mountains, not looking back, and more than once it seemed to him, that terrible Gorgon overtake him. Now they drove the body to their sharp claws copper!

But for a long time they could not fly, as they were greasy and very heavy. Gradually they began to lag behind, but still shouting after him:

- Give us a head of our sisters! Perseus fled without looking back. He ran through the desert, and the blood dripping from the head of Medusa on the hot sand, and each drop was transformed into a snake. Snakes writhing and crawling over Perseus, trying to bite him. But he raced like the wind, without fear, and his heart was joy. murdered, killed Medusa Gorgon! More it will not be outraged. On the way he met a good fairy, named Pallas Athena, who told him:

- Glory hero! for this, that you are not afraid of the Medusa and rescued from her own people, accept a gift from me, these sandals. These sandals magic. see, them fastened wings. Put them on your feet soon, and you will depart, like a bird. Having said this, magician disappeared.

As soon as Perseus wore sandals, wings on them fluttered, and he, stitch, I flew over the desert. Soon, he flew to the blue sea and quickly rushed over him. Suddenly I saw a large rock. Rock standing on the beach, all illuminated by the sun, and her iron chain was tied girl, who wept bitterly. Perseus flew up to her and shouted,:

- Tell me, beautiful girl, what gestures- Kie people chained you to this rock? I'll go and hacked them with his sharp sword!

- Leave, go away! - cried ona.- soon emerges from the sea dragon, terrible sea monster. He swallows and you and me! Every day he swims here, climb the mountain, picks in our city and there devours people. He swallows indiscriminately old and young. To escape from it, city ​​residents have chained me to a rock: Dragon see me and immediately swallow, and all the people in our city remain alive.

- I am not afraid of the sea monster! - he shouted the fearless Persey.- Today I destroy each monster, which is much worse! But the girl was sorry Perseus.

- Leave me,- she said,- leave! I am not a XO- heard, that you swallowed a monster.

- Not, I will not leave you! I will stay and I will kill this evil dragon, swallowing defenseless Liu- Day. And he swiped his sharp sword chain, which he was chained girl.

- You are free! - he said. she laughed, happy and tenderly thanked their deliverer. But suddenly she turned around and shouted:

- Monster close! It swims here! What to do? What to do? He has such sharp teeth. devour it, swallow and you and me! go away, go away! I do not want, that you died because of me.

- I'll stay here,- Persey.- said, I will save thee, and your town from the evil dragon. Promise me, what, if I destroy it, you're my wife and you will go with me to my country.

Dragon swam closer. He raced through the waves, like a ship. Seeing Woman, he eagerly opened his wide toothy mouth and rushed to the shore, to swallow their prey. But Perseus bravely stood before him and, pulled out kologo fur head of Medusa the Gorgon, I showed its ferocious monster. The monster looked at the magic head and immediately turned to stone forever - has turned into a huge black coastal cliff.

The girl was rescued by. Perseus rushed to her, He took her in his arms and ran with her to the top of the mountain, in the city, which threatens monster. In the city we were all excited and happy. People hugged and kissed Perseus and excited shouting to him:

- Long live the great hero, who saved our country from ruin! The girl was a beautiful name: Andromeda. Soon, she became the wife of Perseus, He gave her one of his wonderful sandals, and both of them flew to the city, which he reigned cowardly Polydectes. It turned, that the king Polydectes still hiding in his cave and feasting with his nobles. As soon as the king saw Perseus, He laughed and shouted,:

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