Fedoryn grief


Rides sieve through the fields,
A trough in the meadows.

According shovel Mettlach
Along walked down the street.

Axes something, axes
And strewed with mountains.
frightened goat,
She spreads her eyes:

“What? Why?
I do not understand anything”.


But, as a black iron foot,
ran, jumped kočerga.

And ran on the street knives:
“Hey, Derz, Derz, Derz, Derz, Derz!”

And pans on the run
cried iron:
“I'm runing, run, run,
I can not resist!”

That's for the coffee pot kettle runs,
Taratorit, taratorit, rattles ...

Irons run pokryakivayut,
through puddles, jump over puddles.

And behind them saucers, saucer -
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!

Rushing down the street -
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!
On glasses - ding! - stumble,
And the glasses - ding! - split.

And running, brenchit, knocking pan:
“Where are you going? where? where? where? where?”

And her fork,
Wineglass yes bottle,
Da cup spoon
Jump the track.

He fell out of the window table
And went, I went to, I went to, I went to, I went ...

And on it, and on it,
As a horse riding,
Samovarische sitting
And fellow shouts:
“leave, run, spasaytesya!”

And iron pipe:
“Boo Boo Boo! Boo Boo Boo!”


And after them along the fence
Rides grandmother Fedor:
“Oh oh oh! Oh oh oh!
returned home!”

But to answer the trough:
“I angrily at Theodore!”
And she said, poker:
“I am not a servant Theodore!”

A porcelain saucer
Over Fedor laughs:
“we never, never
Can not be undone here!”

Here Fedorin cats
dress flashily tails,
Ran at full speed.
To turn up the dishes:

“Hey you, silly plates,
What you jump, as proteins?
Whether you run outside the gate
With inexperienced sparrows?
You will fall into a ditch,
You will drown in the swamp.
not walk, shoot,
returned home!”

But the plates are twisted-twisted,
And Fedor are not given:
“Better in the field propadom,
A to Theodore does not go!”


Past the chicken ran
And I saw the dishes:
“Kood, where! Kood, where!
Where are you from and where?!”

And said dishes:
“We were at the woman bad,
We did not like it,
She, it was us,
cover with dust, zakoptila,
We ruined it!”

“Ko-ko-ko! Ko-ko-ko!
It was not easy to live your!”

“Yes, - remarked copper basin, —
The views ka ft us:
we are broken, beaten,
We doused with slops.

Look-ka you in a tub -
And you'll see there is a frog.
Look-ka you in a tub -
Cockroaches swarming there,
That is why we from the women
fled, both the toads,
And we walk through the fields,
through the swamps, the meadows,
A k-nerâhe zamarahe
not be undone!”


And they ran to a grove,
They jumped on the stumps and hummocks.
A poor woman alone,
And crying, and she cries.
Baba sat down to the table,
Yes, the table went out of the gate.
Bы woman rebuked soup,
Yes, go and look for the pot!
And the cups are gone, and glasses,
Cockroaches were left alone.
Oh, Fedora mountains,


A utensil forward and forward
in polyam, goes through the swamps.

And whispered iron kettle:
“I can not go on”.

And cried saucer:
“Eh no better return?”

And sobbed trough:
“Alas, I have broken, Shattered!”

But said dish: “look,
Who's that behind?”

And see: them from the dark boron
Goes-hobbling Fedor.

But a miracle happened to her:
Theodore became well.
Quietly behind them goes
And the quiet song sings:

“Oh you, my poor orphan,
Irons and frying pans My!
You, Go-ka, unwashed, home,
I water you wash the key.
I'll clean your sand,
Okachu you boiling water,
And you will again,
like the sun, shine,
A nasty cockroaches I povyvedu,
Cockroaches and spiders I povymetu!”

And she said, rolling pin:
“I feel sorry for Fedor”.

And she said cup:
“Brother, it is the poor girl!”

And they said, saucers:
“We ought to go back!”

And they said Irons:
“We are not enemies Fedor!”


Long, long kiss
And she caressed them,
water, washed.
She rinsed them.

“Oh, I will not, certainly will not
I hurt the dishes.
I will, I will ware
And love and respect!”

laughed pans,
samovar winked:
“Well, Theodore, so be it,
Glad we forgive you!”

Yes to Fyodor directly into the furnace!
steel fry, steel oven, —
will, Fedora and would have pancakes and pies!

A broom something, and broom - cheerful -
I danced, I played, zamela,
No dust Fedor has not left.

And happy saucers:
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!
And dancing and laughing -
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!

And on a white stool
Yes of vыshitoy salfetochke
samovar worth,
Like a fever is burning,
And puffing, and a woman glances:
“I forgive Fedorushku,
Sweet tea Serve!.
Eat, Eat, Fedor Egorovna!”

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