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It was fun in the village! Suddenly, from somewhere came the terrible giant Cormoran and settled near, In the cave, beside the road. He was hungry and ploi. Every morning on the way out and grab all, who he will fall: and human, and a ram, and goose, and a pig, and cat.

One man drove the cart mushrooms to the market. The giant grabbed and ate it with a horse - even the whip did not leave. This really was an insatiable glutton.

But the villagers were cowards. They brought it to their chickens and pigs:
- eat, Mr. Kormoran!
- In Health, Mr. Kormoran!
- Would you like more, Mr. Kormoran?
And bowing to the ground before him.
Soon Cormoran so plumped and zavazhnichal, that had already ceased to go on the road; I lay all day in the cave, and beckoned to him each, who wanted to swallow:
- Hey, you, the old man, Come here, long live, I eat you now!
- Ida, your grace, I go! - dutifully responded neschastnyy.- Here I am! Kindly eat me!
And the giant Cormoran would live a thousand years before the present day, and would have eaten me, and you, and all of us, if not a little boy, named Jack. Jack was brave, nobody feared; he decided to punish the giant and cut off his head. One day he got up early in the morning, when all were still asleep, father took a shovel, I crept quietly to the cave, where the giant lived, and began to dig a hole at the entrance. The giant heard the noise and woke.
- Who's here? - he cried. Jack did not answer. He hid behind a bush and waited, to the giant fell asleep again. Giant long tossing and turning in his straw, but finally snoring. Jack again went to work.

He worked all day, and only in the late evening he managed to dig a deep hole. He covered it with pine branches, branches and snow falling asleep. From a distance, it was quietly, what can I dug a deep hole,- thought, if the ground is smooth. When he had finished the work, Jack stepped back a few steps and called out:
- Hey, you, Kormoraška, Get up! And he threw a rock - right in the forehead giant. Giant angry and jumped out of the cave. He wanted to catch Jack, tear it apart and eat, but it failed in a hole, to the bottom! The pit was very deep. The giant tried to jump out of it, but could not: every time falls to the bottom.

First, he swore and shook his fist, and then I burst into tears and begged, Jack to let him go at will.
- I'm good! - he shouted on.- I will love all people! I will not hurt anyone!
- I do not trust you! - replied Jack said you greedy, evil ogre. Here's your reward for your deeds evil! And Jack cut off his head. When the village heard about it, all become glad and rejoice.
- Thank you, you freed us from the evil monsters! - Jack says young and old, and hugged and kissed him. A girl gave him a silk belt, on which were embroidered the words:

Strongest, the bravest man - Jack. Victory on giant Kormorana.


Jack girded on these silk belt, He sharpened his sword and went to travel. Very he wanted to win and the other giants, who abuse and torment people. The most evil of these cannibals had a giant Blain-dsrbor: he would grab people on the street and hid them in sub-tsrmele his impregnable castle, a lot ate - one by one.

We had to kill Blenderbora and quickly release his captives, until Blenderbor could not swallow them. But last spring,, it's summer, and Blenderbor not caught Jack. Jack looked for him everywhere - in forests and fields and,- but nowhere could he find. Then one day, and on a hot day, tired from hard road, Jack lay down under a tree and fell asleep in the shade. And by just passed Blenderbor. Jack saw Blenderbor sleeping, I bent over him, and read on his belt such words:

Strongest, the bravest man - Jack. Victory on giant Kormorana.

- This boy,- said Blsnderbor,- I killed my nephew. It is necessary to take revenge on him! Blenderbor was not just a giant. He had two heads - one small, another great, one old, another young. They always quarreled and argued. Seeing Jack's sleeping, cried one head, that it is necessary to cook, and the other - that it is necessary to fry. Rage they began to bob their heads.
- Boil! - shouted one head.
- roasted! - I cried the other. Seeing, Jack woke up, they just bit his tongue, They pretended to be good, and sang: we love you, malyutochku, we love so much! Caress you and we prigolubit! We snesom you on a soft little bed! We'll keep within the cradle! We will treat you pies! Then they laughed and said in a whisper at each other:

А потом, Tried and yourself!

They thought, Jack did not hear these words,, but Jack could hear everything perfectly. He understood, that dvuhgolo-SH.1Y Nlenderbor villain wants to take him to the palace and eat. He tried to escape, but Blenderbor grabbed his leg, pocketed, He brought to his palace and laid on the bed.
- Good night! - said one head.
- Good night! - said another. Both of them bowed down to him kindly, but Jack heard, as one said head through the door the other head:
- When the boy falls asleep, it will need to slam the club, put in a saucepan and cook.
- Not, fry! - cried another head.
- Not, cook!
- Not, fry!
Jack got to his feet and began to run around the room. It should be saved, escape! But the doors are locked, and the iron bars on the window. So he came up with a trick: I took great gnarled piece of wood, that was lying near the stove, I put him in his place on the bed and covered with a blanket. Giant blow to be lazy, and Jack will remain intact! Jack hid behind the stove and waited. He had to wait a short time. Here on the stairs I heard footsteps giant, the whole house shook from these heavy steps. I opened the door, and the giant entered the room, where Jack hid. In the giant hands were club, He crept to the bed and slapped that there are forces at POLENOV. And Jack was sitting behind the stove unharmed.
- Finally, I killed a boy! - cheerfully said the giant, and went, and the doors are not closed.

Jack laughed with joy, and quietly ran after him. The giant came to her bedroom, She fell on the bed and fell asleep. Jack listened for a long time, if he will not wake up. But he did not wake up - and soon both his head snoring. Then Jack quietly approached the giant bed and pulled him from under his pillow a big key, on which was written:

"The key to the cellar". That was the key of the dungeon, They languished in captivity unfortunate captives. Jack, without losing a moment, I rushed to, She opened the heavy iron door and released all the prisoners at will. They were excited and happy and tearfully thanked her deliverer. When they went home, Jack went back to his own room and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning he woke up and went to the giant. Seeing him, giant trembled.
- Do not you die? - said one head.
- Are you still alive? - I asked
- Why would I die? - Jack said.
- But you knocked at night club! - ska hall one head.
- And killed! - said another.
- Trivia! - I laughed Jack said such strikes are not a terror to me: it seemed to me, that the mouse has touched me with his little tail.
"Well, athlete! - No wonder he thought velikan.- won Cormoran. For it is my club - Myshkin tail. You need to get away from it, that he did not kill me. But where to go? where to hide?»
- In the attic! - said one head.
- To the basement! - said another.
- Not, на чердак!
- Not, to the basement!

As long as they argued, Giant did not budge. He did not know, some of their heads to listen to him. Jack quickly jumped on a chair and with one blow cut off his two heads. They both rolled down the stairs, and each screaming their:
- Not, на чердак!
- Not, to the basement!
Having finished with the giant, Jack hurried to the village. The whole village knew about his new victory. He was met with cheerful shouts:

- Long live the brave Jack!

And gave Jack a young horse, Jack immediately jumped on him and drove off to distant lands to fight the evil giants and monsters, who torment people.

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