Miracle Tree

As our gate
Miracle tree grows.

Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle

No leaves on nёm,
Not flowers on it,
And yes stockings shoes,
like apples!

Mom will go in the garden,
Mom picks from the tree
shoes, boots.
new clogs.

Dad will go in the garden,
Dad picks from the tree
Masha - leggings,
Zinke - shoes,
Nienke - stockings,

And for such Murochki
tiny blue
knitted shoes
And with pompons!
Here is a tree,
wonderful tree!

Hey you, boys,
bare feet,
torn boots,
torn clogs.
Who needs boots,
By the miracle tree run!

bast ripe,
boots ripe,
What you yawn,
They will not be denied?

tear them, wretched!
Rvite, barefoot!
You will not have to again
For frost goldfinch
naked heels!

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Korney Chukovsky
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