Small children!
No way
Do not go to Africa,
In Africa for a walk!
In Africa shark,
In Africa, the gorilla,
In Africa, large
evil crocodiles
You will bite,
Beat and hurt, —
not walk, children,
In Africa for a walk.

In Africa, the robber,
In Africa, the villain,
In Africa, a terrible

He runs on Africa
And eats children -
Nasty, bad, greedy Barmalej!

And Daddy and Mommy
Sitting under a tree,
And Daddy and Mommy
children speak:

“Africa terrible,
Yes Yes Yes!
Africa dangerous,
Yes Yes Yes!
Do not go to Africa,
Children, never!”

But Daddy and Mommy were asleep in the evening,
And Tanya and Vanya - in Africa run, —
In Africa!
In Africa!

Along the walk on Africa.
Figs, dates tear, —
Well, Africa!
That's Africa!

saddled rhino,
ride a little, —
Well, Africa!
That's Africa!

Elephants on the move
Played leapfrog, —
Well, Africa!
That's Africa!

I went out to him a gorilla,
Im talking gorilla,
She spoke to them gorilla,

“Vaughn shark caracul
He opened the mouth of the evil.
You are a shark Karakul
Do you want to get there
Right in the pas Part?”

“We shark Maws
overweening, overweening,
We shark scribbles
brick, brick,
We shark scribbles
fist, fist!
We shark scribbles
heels, heel!”

Scared shark
And with fear drowned, —
division you, shark, division!

But here in the swamps huge
There is a behemoth and roars,
He's coming, he goes through the swamps
And loudly and menacingly roars.

Tanya and Vanya laugh,
Begemotova belly tickle:
“So belly,
What a belly -

I could not stand such insults
I ran for the pyramid
I Reveto,

Barmaley, Barmaley

“Barmalej, Barmalej, Barmalej!
come outside, Barmalej, hurry!
These nasty kids, Barmalej,
Do not be sorry, Barmalej, do not be sorry!”


Tania-Vania zadrozhali -
Barmaley saw.
He goes on Africa,
Throughout Africa sings:

“I bloodthirsty,
I am ruthless,
I am angry robber Barmalej!
And I do not need
No jam,
no chocolate,
And only small
(Yes, very small!)

He's scary eyes sparkle,
He knocks terrible teeth,
He is a terrible fire ignites,
He is a terrible word shouts:
“Blackie! Blackie!
I had lunch today!”

Children cry and weep,
Barmaley beg:

“Sweet, cute Barmalej,
Have mercy on us,
Let us make haste
To our dear mother!

We run away from mom
Will never
And Africa for a walk
ever forget!

Sweet, cute eater,
Have mercy on us,
We'll give you candy,
Tea and biscuits!”

But said eater:

And said Tanya Van:
“Look, in an airplane
Someone is flying in the sky.
This is Dr., this is Dr.,
The good doctor Aibolit!”

The good doctor Aibolit
By Tanya Van-runs,
Vanya Tania-hugs
And the villain Barmaley,
smiling, is talking:

“Well, you are welcome, my dear,
My dear Barmalej,
Razvyazhite, let go
These young children!”

But the villain Dr. Dolittle enough
And the fire throws Ajbolita.
And burns, and shouts Aibolit:
“The moon, hurts! The moon, hurts! The moon, hurts!”

A poor children lie under a palm tree,
On Barmaley look
And cry, and weep, and weep!


But that's because of the Nile
gorilla goes,
gorilla goes,
crocodile leads!

The good doctor Aibolit
Shrek says:
“Well, you are welcome, rather
swallow Barmaley,
To greedy Barmalej
Do not be snapped,
Not swallow
These young children!”

I turned,
And the villain
like a fly,

Council, council, council, glad the kids,
I danced, I played by the campfire:
“you have,
you have
Saved from death,
You have freed us.
You good luck
I saw us,
About good

But in the stomach of a crocodile
Dark, and closely, and dejected,
And in the stomach of a crocodile
weeps, crying Barmalej:
“ABOUT, I well,
I love children!
Do not kill me!
spare vary!
ABOUT, I will, I will, I well!”

Spared children Barmaley,
Crocodile children say:
“If he really do a good,
Let him go, you are welcome, ago!
We will take with him Barmaley,
Uvezom in distant Leningrad!”

Crocodile head nods,
Opens his mouth wide, —
And from there, smiling, flies Barmalej,
A face Barmaley and kinder, and a mile:
“How glad I am, I am pleased,
I would go to Leningrad!”

dances, dancing Barmalej, Barmalej!
“I will, Well I will, Yes, good!
I napeku for children, for kids
Cakes and pretzels, pretzels!

the bazaars, by going to the bazaars, I will walk!
will gift, I'll be giving away gift cakes,
pretzels, kalatches children treat.

For Vanya
And Tanya
will, will I
mint gingerbread!
gingerbread mint,
surprisingly nice,
revenues, get,
A penny is not pay,
Because Barmalej
He loves young children,
Loves, loves, loves, loves,
He loves young children!”

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