The good doctor Aibolit!
He was sitting under a tree.
Come to him for treatment
And the cow, and Volčič,
And bug, and worm,
I bear!

cure all, heal
The good doctor Aibolit!


I came to the fox Dolittle:
“Oh, I was bitten by a wasp!”

And I came to the watchdog Dolittle:
“Chicken pecked me on the nose!”

And I ran zaychiha
And cried: “The moon, month!
My bunny hit by a tram!
My bunny, my boy
He was hit by a tram!
He ran down the path,
And he cut the legs,
And now he is sick and lame,
Little my Zainka!”

And said Aibolit: “No problem!
Give it a minute here!
I sew him new legs,
He will run again but the track”.
And they brought him to the rabbit,
such a patient, chromium,
And the doctor sewed his feet,
And Zainka jumps again.
And with him and zaychiha mother
Also I went to dance,
And she laughs and cries:
“Well, thank you. Aibolit!”


Suddenly a jackal
Na mare priskakal:
“Here's a telegram
from Gippopotama!”

“Come, doctor,
In Africa soon
And save, doctor,
our kids!”

“What? Is it really
Your children are sick?”

“Yes Yes Yes! The term angina,
scarlet fever, holeryna,
Diphtheria, appendicitis,
Malaria and bronchitis!

Come as soon as,
The good doctor Aibolit!”

“Okay, okay, escape,
Help your children.
Just where do you live?
On a mountain or in a swamp?”

“We live on the re Zanziba,
In Kalaha ri and Sahara,
Up Fernando-In ,
Where walks Hippo-on
The broad Limpopo “.


And he arose Aibolit, I ran Aibolit.
in polyam, but forests, the meadows he runs.
And one word repeats Aibolit:
“Limpopo , Limpopo , Limpopo !”

And the wind in his face, and snow, and the city:
“Hey, Aibolit, vorotysya ago!”
And I fell Aibolit and lying in the snow:
“I can not go on”.

And now to him because of the Christmas tree
Sprint shaggy wolves:
“sit down, Aibolit, on horseback,
We vividly you dovezom!”

And forward galloped Aibolit
And one word repeats:
“Limpopo , Limpopo , Limpopo !”


But now the sea in front of them -
rages, suspect on the premises.
And in the sea wave goes high.
Now Ajbolita swallow it.

“ABOUT, if I drown,
If I will go to the bottom,
What will happen to them, with patients,
With my beast of the forest?”
But then comes up kit:
“Sit on me, Aibolit,
AND, like a big boat,
I'll take you forward!”

And I sat on Aibolit whale
And one word repeats:
“Limpopo , Limpopo , Limpopo !”


And the mountains stand in front of him on the road,
And he begins to creep over the mountains,
And above all the mountains, and all the mountains steeper,
And the mountains go under most cloud!

“ABOUT, when I come,
If the damn on the road,
What will happen to them, with patients,
With my beast of the forest?”

And now from a high cliff
By Dolittle flew eagles:
“sit down, Aibolit, on horseback,
We vividly you dovezom!”

And I sat on Aibolit eagle
And one word repeats:
“Limpopo , Limpopo , Limpopo !”


And in Africa,
And in Africa,
on black
Limpopo ,
He is sitting and crying
In Africa
sad Gippopo .

He's in Africa, it Africa
Sitting under a palm tree
And the sea from Africa
Without rest looks:
Do not traveling in a boat
Dr. Aibolit?

And scouring the road
Elephants and rhinos
And they say angrily:
“Well no Ajbolita?”

And next Hippo
They grabbed their tummies:
The term, at Hippo,
tummy ache.

And then the ostriches
Vizzhat, like pigs.
Brother, sorry, sorry, sorry
poor ostriches!

and measles, and diphtheria have,
And except, and bronchitis in term,
And they have a headache,
And neck pain.

They lie and rave:
“Well, he does not go,
Well, he does not go,
Dr. Aibolit?”

And next nap
Zubastaya shark,
Zubastaya shark
The sun is.

Brother, at her babies,
The poor shark,
Twelve days
teeth hurt!

And dislocated shoulder
The poor grasshopper;
Do not jump, He does not jump,
And bitterly he cries
And the doctor calls:
“ABOUT, where is the good doctor?
When he comes?”


But here, view, a bird
Getting closer and closer to the air races.
For the birds, Look, sitting Aibolit
And hat waving and shouting:
“Long live dear Africa!”

And glad and happy all kids:
“Had arrived, had arrived! Hurrah! Hurrah!”

A bird circling above them,
A bird sits on the ground.
And running Aibolit to Hippo,
And clapped their tummy,
And all in good time
gives chocolate,
And puts and puts them thermometers!

And Stripes
He runs cubs.
And the poor humpbacked
sick camels,
And each strut,
each Moguls,
Eggnog potchuet.

Ten nights Aibolit
does not eat, He does not drink and does not sleep,
Ten consecutive nights
He treats accidents baby animals
And puts and puts them thermometers.


So he cured them,
Limpopo !
That cured patients.
Limpopo !
And they went laughing,
Limpopo !
And dance and indulge,
Limpopo !

I shark Karakula
Right eye winked
And laughs, and laughs,
If someone tickles her.

A baby Hippo
Uhvatilisʹ for the tummy
And laugh, flooded -
So do would shake.

That Hippo, Here & Software,
Gippo-in at, Gippo-in at!
Here comes Hippo.
He comes from Zanzibar.
He goes to Kilimanjaro -
And he shouts, and he sings:
“Glory, thank Dolittle!
Glory to the good doctor!”

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