Aibolit and sparrow


Wicked-wicked, bad snake
Bit young sparrow.
He wanted to fly, not my
And cried, and I fell on the sand.
(It hurts sparrow, painfully!)

And came to him a toothless old woman,
Goggle-eyed green lyaguha.
For wing sparrow took it
And the patient took the swamp.
(It is a pity sparrow, miserably!)

He leaned out of the window hedgehog:
- Where are you his, green, behaving?
- To the doctor, nice little, to the doctor.
- Wait for me, old woman, under a bush,
The two of us it rather bring home!

And all day they are swamps,
On their hands they shall bear sparrow ...
Suddenly the night became dark,
And it is not visible on the marsh or bush,
(scared sparrow, fearfully!)

That they lost, poor, the way,
And they can not find a doctor.
- Do not we find Dr. Dolittle, not find,
We are in the dark without Ajbolita propadom!

Suddenly something rushed firefox,
His pale blue torch he lit:
- You run a minute for me, my friends,
It's a pity, I'm sorry for a sick sparrow!


And they ran ran
For its blue light
And see: away under a pine tree
Painted house stands,
And sitting there on the balcony
Good gray Aibolit.

He jackdaw wing bandages
And rabbit tale tells.
At the entrance to meet them gentle elephant
And to the doctor quietly leads to the balcony,
But the cries and moans sick sparrow.
He every minute weaker and weaker,
He came to his death sparrow.

And the doctor takes the patient in his arms,
And heals the sick the whole night,
And treats, and treats all night until the morning,
And here - a look! - Hooray! Hurrah! —
The patient started up, He moved his wing,
tweeted: Chick! Chick! - and I flew off the window.

“thank, my friend, I cured you,
I will never forget your kindness!”
And there, at the door, crowded squalid:
Blind ducklings and proteins legless,
Thin frog with a sick stomach,
Pockmarked cuckoo with a broken wing
And rabbits, wolf I iskusannye.

And the doctor treats them all day until sunset.
And suddenly laughed forest zveryata:
“Again, we are healthy and happy!”

And in the woods and ran away to play jumping
And even forgot to say thank you,
Forgot to say goodbye!

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Korney Chukovsky
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