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Memories, presented in the book, recreate in their entirety lively and truthful portrait K. AND. Chukovsky. They are written in a different way - next to the deployed Psychological Studies, based on years of observations (TO. Lozovskaya, M. Chukovskaia, n. Ilina), small plot novels (Л. Panteleev, Olga Bergholz, BUT. Raskin, E. Polonskaya), next to the poetic dedications With. Marshak and Evg. Yevtushenko and poetic way, A sketch created in. Ascension, rigorous description of business meetings and collaboration in the field of literary criticism, linguistics, Translation, as well as on the radio.
children's writer, literary critic, journalist, translator and researcher of language - all these aspects of diverse activities to the. AND. Chukovsky presented in the memoirs of contemporaries. In his memoirs, the writer reflects relationships with people - celebrated and no known, close to him and strange, adults and children - and, the main thing, its relation to literary work.
Among the memoirs the reader will meet famous writers names, artists, actors.

Compilers: TO. AND. Lozovskaya, WITH. WITH. Papernyi, E. C. Chukovskaia

Leo Kassil. In infancy and forever
Isaak Brodsky. In "Penatah»
WITH. Sergeev-Tsensky. [of memories]
AND. BUT. Brodsky. "Water the Uncle"
WITH. Bogdanovic. In those fabulous years
A. Deich. First meeting
Alexander Brushtein. enviable life
YU. Tynyanov. Korney Chukovsky
const. Fedi. literary studio
Olga Bergholz. begining
E. Polonskaya. My essay
Mic. Slonim. For many years
Л. Panteleev. The history of the autograph
AT. Smirnova. In Leningrad, in Moscow, in Peredelkino
B. Berestov. Most recently was the Roots I.
Elena Blaginina. It was the whole country
Marina Chukovskaia. In life and in work
I. Dolinina. fabulous people
Л. Libedinskaya. "Literature must love!..»
I. Kuzmin. For a long time and recently
C. Marshak. Message…
Vera Panova. The simplicity and artistry
AT. Levick. And it's all done by one man
Clara Lozovskaya. Notes by the Secretary
Margarita Aliger. long walks
BUT. Raskin. Guessing on trains
AND. Petrova. The Enchanted soul
Olga Grudtsova. He was no one else like
n. Chernyshevskaya. The meeting of two centuries
Man. Hanpira. One year out of eight
Leonid Utesov. Looking at pictures
WITH. Papernyi. The invitation to joy
AT. Covers. I - a good lion
Andrei Voznesensky. A man with the name of the wood
Miron. Petrovsky. Reader
Natalia Ilyin. So I did, and I remember
With Mashinskii. In his doctoral robes
Yuri Galperin. "Literary Evenings"
AT. oblivious. Teacher
evg. Yevtushenko. Sail
Sergey Obraztsov. other memory
Irakli Andronicus. He pushed the boundaries of literature

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