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(And to the collection. TO. Doyle “Notes about Sherlock Holmes”)
Young Makferlena accused of more crimes. London newspapers printed, if last night he killed an old man architect.
newspapers are wrong: Makferlen innocent. But it is impossible to prove. All the evidence against him: that night, he was the only guest of the old man, and found the murder weapon undoubtedly belongs to him. Now the police catch him, and since it can not be said in his defense a single word, his exiled to penal servitude or strung to the gallows.
What to do? How to protect yourself from a terrible miscarriage of justice?
There is in all of London, only one person, which can save Makferlena, prove prosecutors, that he is innocent.
Only to run to the man, only to tell him everything, and so he would find the culprit, he gets to the truth, he would not allow, that no innocent people caught in the dock!
His name is Sherlock Holmes. He lives near: Baker Street. It is very discreet, quiet street, but it is known all over the world just because, that it lives Sherlock Holmes.
How many innocent people convicted saved it from the hard labor, from jail, and sometimes from the loop!
More recently, police arrested a plumber Horner, accusing him of stealing a rare gem. But Sherlock Holmes investigated the whole thing and proved, that Horner is innocent. And Horner immediately set free.
Did Makferlen, Holmes and protect it. Because, taking advantage of the last half-hour of freedom, he was so passionate hope runs through the whole of London on the street, where Sherlock Holmes lived.
Police chasing Makferlenom heels, it will overtake him in a minute, but he still manages to run to Baker Street and just a few words to tell Sherlock Holmes about his terrible trouble.
This is quite enough.
Now let the police come, put on his iron handcuffs and dragged him in jail behind bars – he is calm. He knows, that from this moment Sherlock Holmes would not have any, or sleep, or think about other things, until you will find the answer to all of this monstrous riddle, until you expose the villain, which the, committed a crime, He took refuge from justice, and shouldered the blame on the other.
And so it happened. As soon as the young man was taken into custody and taken to the police station, Sherlock Holmes immediately set to work.
– Breakfast on the table. Eat more, get cold! – he says his friend and comrade, a retired military doctor Watson, living with him in the same apartment, immediately on Baker Street.
But Sherlock Holmes pushes the plate, as it is all absorbed by a single thought – of that puzzle, he must now unravel. He knows, that the solution of this riddle of human life depends. According to Dr. Watson, there were such cases, as Sherlock Holmes during his Researches “literally falling down, faints – so much effort to it by its devoted and inspired work”.
This work is quite unselfish. And what money can get Sherlock Holmes from the poor Makferlena, he after many days of effort in the end saves from prison! And nothing at all will pay him freckled governess Miss Hunter, that the story “copper beeches” he was a danger to his own life – It protects against cruel masters.
In the story “black Peter” The same Dr. Watson reports about Sherlock Holmes:
“He was so unselfish – or so independent, – which often he refused to help the rich and noble… At the same time he earnestly for weeks engaged in business of some poor man”.
Of course, he rescues out of trouble is not one of the poor – to him for help are often treated and ministers, and bankers, and dukes. Sherlock Holmes door is open to all, with whom there was some strange, mysterious case. Such cases interested him most. Mysteries – his specialty. Another may even seem, it is not out of kindness, not out of compassion for the people he spends entire nights without sleep, exposes himself to thousands of dangers, but only because, he loves to unravel all sorts of complicated cases. He repeats itself time and again, without secrets and mysteries he is bored: this life seems to be too uninteresting and dull.
– I look like a math, – he says. – I took one: the correct solution to a difficult problem, and how this decision will affect the people, to me, Really, quite indifferent.
But, of course, he accuses himself, he is kind and cordial, what seems to him the most. Though he did more than anything else he loves ponder riddles of life, but the fate of those people, that are involved in all these mysteries, worries and troubles him.
is he, true, people are very secretive and discreet, but still easy to see, that he was terribly worried, when it fails to live up to the expectations, assigned to it in turn to him for help, people, worried because, that he was sorry and loves these unfortunate people.
One woman, Mrs. St. Clair, once asked him, to help her find a missing husband. Sherlock Holmes is looking for, but for a long time can not attack on his trail; this failure because it is depressing, he feels, the suffering it would cause Mrs. St. Clair.
– What do I tell this little cute woman, When she met me at the door?.. – he says to his constant companion, Dr. Watson. ABOUT, how hard for me to meet her, Watson, until I can not tell her nothing new about her husband!
so, indifference had an imaginary, pritvornoe, but in fact it takes so close to the heart of someone else's misfortune, that painfully tormented by each of its failure.
– You, Watson, You see before you is one of the greatest of fools, which only exist in Europe! – furiously berates himself at such moments. – I was blind, like a mole. I should give this cuff, so I flew from here to Charing Cross!
The key to each complicated case – Holmes for a matter of life and death. No such dangerous exploits, from which he would have avoided, if they can provide him with the victory of good and truth.
He has an enemy – Moriarty, who now and then trying to poison, podkolotь, shoot him, push into the waterfall, etc.. d. But Sherlock Holmes heroically brave. He is not afraid of poison, no bullets. In the story “Pestraya tape” he remains in the dark alone with a venomous snake, which threatens to bite his death. In another story, disguised as an old man, he goes to the robber stash, where the slightest indiscretion threatens him with death.
– If I have learned in that slum, – he tells Dr. Watson, My life would not be worth coppers, since I've been there many times and Lascar scoundrel *, the owner of a brothel, He vowed to deal with me.
* L with k and p – so the British called a native of the East Indies,
served as a sailor on a British ship.
Sherlock Holmes loved by children all over the world, and although his adventures books are written for adult readers, they have long been children's books.
Whatever the students nor come, happened, with a trip to London French, Canadian, Australian, Belgian, greek, they always, still at the station, asked, to them first of all led to Baker Street and showed them the house, where Sherlock Holmes lived.
Kids love it not only for, he was selfless and brave, – in the world literature there are many heroes, which is just as fearless. the main thing, what attracts readers to the exterminators of crimes and evils, – wonderful power of his thoughts.
In the old days, when he first appeared Holmes stories, children all over the world was a lot of favorite literary heroes, but, it seems, None of these characters did not differ (at the behest of the author!) a crushing logic, so penetrating and conquering the mind.
No wonder Sherlock Holmes from around the world flock to the people, stunned some mysterious, extraordinary event, they can not understand. They are sure, Sherlock Holmes has an almost miraculous mental strength, that with the help of his powerful analytical thought, he will explain and unravel all, that ordinary minds seems hopelessly confusing.
Sherlock Holmes – almost the only character in the children's world literature, whose main occupation – thinking, logic.
Almost every story about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, his intellectual work demonstrates both its main feat.
In the story “The Man with the Twisted Lip” we read:
“Sherlock Holmes, when he had some kind of an unsolved problem, I could not sleep for whole days and even weeks, thinking it, comparing the facts, viewing it from different angles until, yet he could not solve it either, or make, that he is on the wrong track. I soon realized, he is preparing to spend the whole night without sleep. He took off his jacket and vest, I put on a blue robe spacious and began to collect in a heap of bed pillows, with couches and chairs. Of these pillows, he built himself a sort of oriental couch and perched on him, legs crossed and resting in front of a pack of tobacco and a box of matches. In the dim light of the lamp I saw, as he sits there in the clouds of blue smoke, the old pipe in his mouth, absently staring up at the ceiling, silent, still, and the light illuminates the sharp, aquiline features of his face.
So he sat, I fell asleep, and so he sat, when I was under the glare of the morning sun opened his eyes, awakened by his sudden exclamation”.
In the story “Sobaka Baskervileй” Again, great importance is attached to many hours thinking of Sherlock Holmes on his proposed worldly mystery.
– Try not to return until the evening, – he tells Dr. Watson, and he sits all day in his famous chair and begins to reflect on the events, of which he is now told.
“I knew, – He writes Watson, – that in the hours of enhanced mental focus my friend most importantly loneliness. During those hours, he weighs all the evidence, compares them, It exposes them to the most rigorous testing and sets, what items are essential, and which do not matter”.
Thinking realistically Sherlock Holmes, specifically. It always comes to everyday events and facts, and because the results are clear for all. We now and then show the actual process of thinking, and it is the greatest rarity in fiction.
Every story about Sherlock Holmes has, so to speak, an object lesson about the power of the human mind. Here, the main value of the entire cycle of stories. Each of them has a triumphant anthem of logic, – no matter how naive and shaky this logic may seem different reader.
Thinking of Sherlock Holmes it is closely related to another of his extraordinary ability – attentively and vigilantly to notice the world around such phenomena, by which we usually pass, like the blind. He was unusually observant. Should he look at any man, and he will tell you, than this man has been, what his character, whether he is married or unmarried, and what his past life. This observation seems almost supernatural; he developed it in myself long years of training, for observation, as well as all other mental ability, You can exercise the wit and improve. Next to him, all the other people seem to almost always rotozeev.
– You have overlooked a lot, – reproachfully said Sherlock Holmes to his friend Watson. – I can not teach you to understand, the great importance in defining the human person have sleeves, how many can explain the nails and some important conclusions can be drawn from lacing shoes.
And the soles of people! And wear their shoes! Sherlock Holmes did not miss a single visitor, not pohlyadev, any dust or dirt stuck to his shoe.
In the story “The Five Orange Pips” He said one person:
– I see, you come from the south-west… A mixture of clay and chalk on the toes of your shoes is very typical for those places.
He wrote an entire scientific work on the different soils of London neighborhoods, in order to determine as precisely as possible the places, where to it can be the criminals. Sometimes he does not even need to see the man himself; let the man leave him his hat, or gloves, or stick – and he, looking intently at this ordinary object, It concludes by means of deduction (his favorite word!), what kind of person and what all his life. carefully considering, eg, at “Hound of the Baskervilles” Billet doctor Mortimer, he concluded, doctor young man, not more than thirty years, kind, absentminded, humble, and he has a dog, which is slightly larger terrier.
All these suppositions are confirmed. At first they seemed a miracle reader, but then, as Sherlock Holmes explained to them one by one, found, that everyone, if he developed the ability to look into the life around trivia and, the main thing, to compare one with the other, I could achieve the same results.
– I think, that my vision is not worse than yours, – says Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes.
– exactly, – meets Sherlock Holmes. – You are looking, but you do not see, and this is a big difference. for example, you often see steps, leading from the hallway to the room?
– Often.
– How often?
– Well, hundreds of times!
– Fine. How many steps there?..
– how many? Overlook.
– Exactly, not pay attention. In the meantime, have you seen! This is the essence. Well, and I know, that steps – seventeen, because I've seen, and watched.
In this special appeal of Holmes for every young reader.
Holmes requires each of us an increased vigilance, focused attention to the most ordinary things, He teaches us to navigate the world; it eradicates, as a great sin, all gullibility, verhoglяdstvo, any indifference to the smallest details of life around, and it's a great educational value of stories about the exploits of Holmes admitted even by those, who contemptuously laugh at some (really, sometimes too naive) receptions of his famous “deductive method”.
One of the enemies of Sherlock Holmes, Dr Grimsby Roйlott, angrily yells at him:
– you weasel! police sniffer!

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