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Part one. In the warm sea

1. fearful vengeance

The doctor was round, as a ball. His name was drum Barabanych. He rolled into the room and said, in a cheerful voice, if I offered to play some kind of a fun game:
- Well, Scarecrow-Chumichelo, Show me your hoof.
Serezha bad leg, and Drum Barabanych called her reason hoof.
He stared at the long leg Serozhinu, Meryl her some compass and muttering: "excellent, fine", and through the door at this time shouting:
- tail! Tail! I caught on a tree!
- Zoe L.! Catch my tail!
- Buba, tusser, do not hold, is released!
- Zoe L., This is my, and he pulled and keeps!
Screams frightened Sergei. Serezha had fever.
It seemed to him, there, behind the wall, jumping some tailed and tear each other tails.
He wanted to cry, but he changed his mind and said quietly:
- I'm afraid.
Dr. tickled his belly finger and rolled out into the open door.
And from behind the door yelling:
- Has departed France! catch, catch!
- Buba, give five years!
- Zoe L., lift America!
Sergei did not understand. What kind of Buba? what America? What they shout, the caudate?
Sergei came here from Moscow. Travel tortured him. Now it rested after a long and difficult road. It washed in the bathroom, shorn his curls, bandaged diseased knee and placed in an insulator, in a separate room. The facility was clean and empty. here we spoke in whispers, tiptoed. Swarms flew here sparrows, surprisingly bold, and in the pursuit of bread crumbs to Sergei jumped on the bed.

- Oh, they are impudent! - talked about them Zoya Lvovna and clapping, that they flew.
Zoe L. was gray and fast. She often came to Sergei, I gave him milk and told me about all the terrible Bubu, which the, just I came here, stuffed tooth powder.
- They gave him to brush his teeth, and he ... the whole box ... yes, Oh yes ..., it's such a bully!..
Zoya Lvovna Sergei was not afraid at all. He was afraid of those, what's behind the door: bullies, vociferous monkey.

2. Wind

But here once early in the morning came Nematocera athlete, Sergei winked one eye:
- Well, boy, month!
And carried him into the terrible door.

Sergei froze with fright, but the door opened, and he saw no cell, not tailed young one, and very funny children, which, although lying in bed, but they rushed off to the full sail. beds, of course, They stood motionless, but this was hilarious and the solar wind on this site, so there was diversity and fuss, Sergei that in the first minute and really seemed, if the bed, as the boat, rush one after another, surpassing each other.
Hoo, a strong wind! In Serezha zakruzhylas head. he saw, both past him - on land and in the air - fled, flew, rushed headlong some rags, schepochky, pyorışki, ribbons, thread, papers, and all the children lie in bed and then shouted after them:
- Catch! keep! Lift! Catch!
Adults in blue and white coats constantly rises from the ground any object escapes and endure it to its original location, but he ran away again, and the chase begins again.
And over the beds, over the heads of children, like crazy, dangled in the wind some tiny kites, - or not, not snake, and a paper on threads, Whole dozens of papers. They then flew, it fell and caught on running over people.

Sergei wanted to hide sheets, but the sheet zapoloskalas, twitched and became violently pulled out of hand.
With her in the end managed, but then let them catch fleeing "Pioneer truth", then the white linen hat, and then flew to the bed next to a notebook with pictures, and the wind flipped it all, from the first to the last page, and a spirit carried to the tree, which stood at the edge of the site.
The tree was wonderful: all hung with rags and ribbons - red, green, blue, that, like living, moving and twitching, eager to fly in height.
- This is our caudate tree, - said Sergei fiery redhead boy, lying in the next bed. - we let the monks, and they zacheplyayutsya.
- caudate tree? monks? Zacheplyayutsya?
Sergei did not understand. His head was a mess. He closed his eyes, and he once again felt, he was in his bed, in a boat, very quickly rushes forward, together with all the papers, rags, pencils, notebooks, - right to the tree Tailed ...

3. Mastirschiki

Suddenly someone shouted tearfully:
- Kostya! Let go of my mastirku!
Sergei feared. Mastirka? must be, a bird or any animal, like proteins. Why it hurts mastirku? it hurts.
But the snub-nosed girl, smartly jump on one Kostylkov, I explained to him, mastirka that - it is simply a long string, the end of which is attached any cargo, Well, key, Well, pencil, Well, kopeck.
- Here looks at Ylka. He's the first mastirschik.
Sergei saw himself far from evil grubby boy, which was in the hands of a string, and at the end of the thread - Bone ring.

Just at this time in the site rolled by the wind picked up the ball. nigger aim, He threw a ring, I pulled the thread - again! - and the ball in his bed. Well done, Well done! Just like a circus.
Sergei looked at Ilka with admiration. Ilko winked at him and began to flaunt in front of him his agility: He threw a ring in a distant flowerbed, I ripped out of some hairy flower, and a minute later it smelled, loud smacking.
"This and the legs are not needed, - thought Sergei. - He would get his thread itself all, that it will take ".

Ilko without taking a flower from mastirki, I threw it straight to Sergei:
- Hey, brand-new! Here's a rose.
Sergei glad. thank! thank! But Rose jerked, He soared and flew back to the Ilko.
Serge somehow confused.
- Weather! - Sergei told his neighbor red and snatched himself from under the mattress another mastirku, at the end of which was a young potatoes.
Раз! Potatoes soared over Sergei, I ran into mastirku Ilka and immediately came back to the redhead with prey.
- Here, earn! - said the redhead and threw a flower on Sergei's bed. - And I, look, I comin my swan swim.
Swan had been a toy. He has fitted it to his string and tossed directly into the barrel with water, tree standing in the caudate.
Barrel was poured up to the top, and Sergei saw, as a swan uncomfortably on the back surface of the water, go ahead, and it was very funny, and redhead purred with happiness; suddenly, like a hawk, He ran into his white bird mastirka nigger Ilka, I wrapped around her neck and became so hard to pull it sideways, I almost tore her head.
Auburn screamed and frantically pulled mastirku to itself. But the swan did not budge.
Both mastirki grappled, and each pulling his own way.
Sergei was dying, to the thread at the nigger broke, but the thread he had strong, and he shamelessly pulled unfortunate swan to her.
Suddenly something jumped right mastirka with cypress cone at the end of, I ran into mastirku nigger and wrapped around her thread. And behind it - the fourth, fifth ...
Soon the whole of the barrel intertwined web mastirok. Boiled desperate battle. The faces of the boys became red, and it was strange to see, that this whole fight takes place away from bullies, and bullies are still in their beds.
- It's a good, that there is no Buba, - said the quiet girl, sitting next to. - This Buba - is strashidlo.
- Oh, he would have made them Zavirukha!
- It would have given them Buba Fefer! - picked up the snub-nosed, jump on one Kostylkov. - Just luck, that he was taken to the detention center.
- The insulator? - asked Sergei.
- And where did!
AND, spluttering and squealing, chorus girl told Sergei, this Bouba made a terrible terrible thing today: he put a thermometer, and he grabbed him on the ground and - pieces. When the nurse ran to him and called Aglaia: "What have you done?», he poured into it from a mug with boiling water and almost scalded neck.
- Good, do not you think your eyes ..., because Aglaia could about-blind-nut.
The girls were terrified and gasped. Sergei horrified with them. But then the bell rang, rattled dishes, the smell of cheese and fresh bread: orderlies brought lunch.

4. Tsybulya and other

Snub-nosed girl named Nina walking, and there, quiet, that sat on the next bed, called differently: it Aunt, the Lala.
Lala sewed something strange. must be, she liked the word "nightmare", because every time kept saying:
- What's my nightmare thimble!
- It's just a nightmare, instead of scissors!
A whole pile of rags lying on her bed, and when she needed a new cloth, she got out of her fingers right foot. Here, too, a spool of thread pulled leg.
Sergei was surprised to see, it is here that many recumbent and even sit-operate feet, both hands. You give them a letter or a spoon, and they grab these things with his foot.
And yonder, that the barrel, - horbatыy. And this, too,. And this one. And this one. In some small bump, barely visible, величиною с пятак, And there at that, that from the edge, like a round loaf lying on her back, dark bread made from rye flour, because the bulge in his blackened by the sun. And the red-haired and hump some red, - red skin peeling it from the sun.
And there are fastened to a bed with some broad ribbons - no, wicks of lamps! - and their legs in plaster boxes.
And this is tied to the foot of some heavy bag; bag hangs on laces through the back of the bed and pulls, pulls the leg of a.
And this in a cast and the foot and the whole body.
And here is what? Does not understand.
It is lying on the bed large board, and from under the board dealt pant and even seemed to grunt. Someone was fumbling under the board, board slightly undulates, like a breath.
Sergei gazed at her. Here she sat up, and out of it for a moment leaned lipped, goggle-eyed, chubby, large forehead fat, snatched from the table, a bottle of ink and then dived into the depths.
- This is our artist, - said Sergei.
Painter? Is the artist? But how he can draw in this position? His picture crushed chest and abdomen, He closed it to the forehead, and he was lying motionless on his back, ribbons tied to the bed, and he does not see the whole picture, but only a very small part.
- Come, onions, Show! - said its red neighbor.
Tsybulya raised board. Plywood board was, light, the board was attached cardboard, and to draw a picture on cardboard: bellied cars that have the spirit carried in the high mountains, they sit and pot-bellied men were carrying bags of pot-bellied, from which strewed gold. Bellied men laughing, and none of them saw, that open in front of them, where all the cars will fly upside down now!.

The cars were painted with fine, but people somehow, without much effort. It was evident, that the machines the artist nicer people: each arm, each brake, he is drawn lovingly and carefully, and the men went at it all as one, and even mustaches they all have the same.
- Who is he such, these people?
- Do not you understand? Bur-Zui! - it is important to answer Tsybulya, offended bulging fat lip and wondering Sergey's stupidity. - Because they have the same krrrizis, and soon kayuk.
The word "crisis", he said, very tasty.
It was hard to believe, that the dashing picture painted paralyzed boy, Lying in bed formation.
- Happy! - tales Aunt. - You can draw and flowers, and butterflies, and kiparisы ... and sea ...
- Well, here's another! flowers!.. Kiparisы!.. - offended snort Tsybulya. - I paint the aircraft and combines.
In fact Tsybulya figures - and they had been hundreds - and swarmed seaplane, minonostsami, tractor. Tsybulya was in love with all the technical. Especially it was for Caterpillar soul, ie tractors, caterpillars; He painted them in a variety of, although, of course, none of them in the eye and never seen.
- And you looked at life, he draws locomotives! - said the redhead with boasting and tenderness.
It was evident, that he was proud Tsybulya. Every time, when they praised some Tsybulin drawing, it lights up with joy all his freckles.
Only on one single picture Tsybulya done without machines. It was painted shaggy monster with red eyes and open mouth - poluchelovek, poluzver. The monster in the hands was a big club, and it is written in large letters at the top:

BEWARE parasites
Hooligans and thugs!

- Who is that? - asked Sergei.
- Can not you see? - offended snort Tsybulya and even more puffed out his fleshy cheeks.
Auburn explained:
- It Buba.
- Buba! tusser! - picked up all.
- Why is he with his club? - Sergei surprised.
But Tsybulya ducked back under the board, and there now could be heard grunting.
- Hush! - the redhead said,. - Draws!
And he lifted up his finger, all were silent.
Auburn immediately fell in love with Sergei. Redhead named Zyuka. His eyes were red-haired green, ears spread out in different directions, fingers thickly smeared with paste.
Auburn did kite.

- It is for the May Day! - he said. - That's just the tail is missing. he needs a big tail, because in a healthy Vetrin sky, and zhady-girls do not give patches.
- And do not give! - Nina said with pleasure walking. - Never, would not give! told: We do not give - do not give.
- Do not give? - shouted Zyuka passionate, and even his neck reddened. - And we will not allow the monks.
- It is we need monks!
Only then Sergei guessed, that the monks are called paper on threads, that fly over the solar beds.
"And they are good guys ... - he thought, went to bed. - It will be necessary tomorrow and I run a monk ... and how ridiculous this Zyuka says: "Zacheplyayutsya" ... And Buba: on-yo-she a terrible!»

5. tusser

A few days later, and Sergei did not feel like a newcomer. Little by little, he bred his own monks and mastirki, which he wielded with the Joneses.
Joneses learned to stash it under the mattress, half-eaten bread, to feed the ever-hungry sparrows.
And he met with all the teachers, and learned, who are good, who are evil, and I noticed, that Zoe L. bit deaf, and that when it is possible to clamor, as much as you want.
He also learned, that is the highest, arched, silent, important woman, the appearance of which the entire solar calms down instantly, there Aunt Varya, The local head.

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