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cup, pain, gorilla,
Gorilla, gorilla!
Not that you get in the snout!
Yes, in the snout! Yes, in the snout!
a hot fist!

This song taught him Buba, and they sang it incessantly - about forty times in a row. The song proved to be contagious: it now also picked up in the farthest corners.
- No song, cholera and some, - said Solomon.
And the truth, it was such a catchy tune, that even Sergei, which she was very nasty, I sang it, oblivious, two or three times and I had to hand over his mouth shut, not to sing it again. Lyudmila Petrovna finally could not stand it, I closed the book and said, it will no longer read:
- Because you today some rabid!
And now one of the gang Ilka told her the same melody:

cup, pain, gorilla,
Gorilla, gorilla!
Not that you get in the snout!
Yes, in the snout! Yes, in the snout!
a hot fist!

As if someone really hit Lyudmila Petrovna in the face with his fist: she screamed and clutched both hands on the cheeks.
- I ... I ... I ... - she cried. - And you ... and you ... and you ...

But I never found the right words, She sobbed and ran away.
And guys do not have time to recover, when suddenly in the air flashed some iron widget, not the key, not a nail: someone from the same wild colonies (if he Ilko) He ran after the fleeing Lyudmila Petrovna mastirku.
It's good, he missed: mastirka landed in a wooden mug, standing on a barrel near the crane.
It's all fifty voices talking, zagaldeli, zaakhali.
- Nightmare! - Lena screamed.
- A shame! - I cried Solomon.

4. Listened - decided

And, in fact - is not it a shame?
After all, these fifty pebbles were so many years happily lying in white bedding on the shore of the southern sea, a lot of hard work had to do day and night a huge army of workers.
As passengers on a big steamer steamship not notice the work team, and these fifty pebbles did not notice the daily continuous operation nurses, caregivers, sisters, doctors.
Passengers sleep in their cabins and see the funny dreams, while firemen, machinists, overstrain sailors for them to tenth sweat.
Six times a day to every patient ran up babysitting swift and dazzling clean the dishes served them broths, burgers, borshti, and cake, and sour, and strawberries, and copper; and many gardeners, milkmaids, chefs, sudomoek had to work from morning till night, to the nurse or nanny Claudia Aglaia could submit and serve on trays whole pile of food to some anemic Ilko!
And as for the treatment of tuberculosis is necessary before all purity, how many Navolok, sheet, towels, cowards and napkins should be washed and washed endlessly invisible laundress in invisible laundries!
And nurses! How many miles did they do in the day, transferring to the hands of fifty people in the insulator, in restroom, in the bathroom, in the dressing room, to an X-ray, in ward!
A sun and sea baths, and oblyvanyya, and thermometers!
A workshop, which are made of gelatin and gypsum cases for the curved spine and crippled legs!
How many wounds and wandering abscess had to be washed, scour, bandaging tireless nurses!
A teacher! And instructors! The resort was twelve sites, the same, as the Sun, and served about forty teachers, who taught children and political education, and zoology, and physics, and bookbinding, and carpentry.
And the children, lying, do not miss, all sorts of entertainers read them books, We are playing them on the guitar, mandolin, on a violin, they sang Russian, Georgian, Tatar, Ukrainian, Armenian songs.
- And it's all in vain, line in the teeth, - fuming furious Solomon. - Kanitelyatsya, potter with us, and we are bullies and putter and clobber teachers in the face.
- It's right, - said Muryshkina Panya. - I suggest, so that tomorrow ...
And she slowly began telling him about my heavy thoughts about the latest developments in solar.
Their conversation took place in the dressing room. They lay side by side on the "tram" and waited in line to Dr. Demian Emelyanychev. What will the doctor with them, it was quite interesting. About the illnesses they had forgotten, to the point where they were captured discussing yesterday's scandal. Even when Damian Panin took Emelyanychev foot of the shank, and its once deep inside the familiar sharp pain pierced, Panya only grimaced in disgust and never once interrupted his weighty speech.
Not far from Lady lying on the operating table with bandages unwound Enver, also waiting queue, and sullenly listened to every word.
- All that Buba Buba, Ilko Ilko ... yes - she said. - And we are also good, I must say bluntly ...
Thus began a historic meeting zvenovogo asset.
It continued in the bathroom and ended in the caudate wood already before the silences. By tailed tree moved the bed all ten zvenovyh, and from there to two and a half hours before the rest of the kids often heard words: "Tighten", "Straighten", "Terminate".
Immediately after a silence zvenovye announced the meeting minutes.
The protocol was written by a grown-up - by Solomon:

listened to:
On liquidation of a breakthrough in solar.
About hooliganism Buba and Ilka
Prohibit throwing mastirok and that tonight for dinner all mastirki were put zvenovym.
Those responsible for the storage and throwing mastirok will be written on a blackboard.
Cause children to the competition for the best Primorye area lying in bed, the best food and silences.
Declare themselves strikers on food and silences, to for a meal not buzz or zhvachnichat, and in a silence not whispering and jerk.
Ilka announce a two-week boycott of his act of hooliganism.
Bubu leave detention until the first of May.

By this protocol was applied appeal:

In other cases children less, and they have better discipline, than we. We need to catch, guys, because we are very far behind.
Now we are building across the country, and the country requires a disciplined and skilled people, and such Buzoter, we do not need it ".

Here began a commotion! It was chairman of the work call.
Most guys stirred up harsh decree mastirkah.
- After mastirka for me feet instead! - angrily argued Zyuka. - Good walking: he was there and here ... ran and took, and here you are lying, like a nail nailed, and to whom what evil, if you pick up any rosettes with flowerbeds, or cloth, or a box ...
Solomon and I rushed into battle.
- Brother, rosettes! Brother, box! Think, some innocent! And where to, tell, become of the wire, which has developed working near tailed tree? They mending the tent and lay down under a tree wire. think yourself: tutu safe, guys recumbent, they would never get. In the morning, Hello, where our wire? A wire is not an inch, All rastaskali mastirschiki ... and wire, and nuts, and rings ...
Zyuka flushed back and neck.
- What's this! - shouted some brand new colony of wild. - And yesterday nurse Klavochka carries me in the tub, and suddenly her legs hlyas. She will jump, cried out: ayayay! And the head of the column. I almost threw me to the ground, on the rocks. look, and it mastirka, but in the end she had a dead lizard.
- Do not, it is not necessary mastirok! - shouted in unison zvenovye, and each, pulling out from under the mattress mastirku, disgustedly threw it away.
Soon the whole court were full of multi-colored threads, Nina and other walking barely had time to lift them off the ground.
Sure, someone tried to hide her away mastriku, but there were five or six people, and vividly brought to clean water.
Large box stuffed thread, and that just was not at the ends of the thread: nuts, snails, pebbles, karamelyki, tin soldiers, nails.
Yarn was strong in most: their children extracted from the English laces, which is attached a canvas awning.
Suddenly he heard a beggar's voice Ilka:
- Gold mine! What are you doing! How am I going to live without mastirki?
Under the mattress, he confiscated a bunch of various mastirok; one was even with small weights, which, as claimed by guys, he allegedly kidnapped in hospital pharmacy.
- But who is? Look! Look!
At the very edge of the site rastyapisto ran some Kurguzov woman - not in a white scarf, and in crimson hat with a feather. In her hands was a brass cage, which was sitting a parrot.

Parrot loudly shouted something German. She booed him, to shut up, but he did not let up and just at that moment, When she approached the tree Tailed, fun and loudly told her in Russian:
- Bal-da!
- Yes, this is our frya, our Francevna! - in one voice cried out guys.
And indeed it was Fanny Frantsevna, permanently leaves the solar. At the request of its asset zvenovogo expelled from the walls of a sanatorium for the stupidity and inability to work.
- A parrot she really professor! - said Zyuka, wink Tsybulya. - it lies in all languages.
Onions and guffawed zahryukal. This meant, they made peace.

5. percussionist

But it? Factory? Workshop? Factory?
rasp, bonded, cut, planed, malyuyut, Gimlets, sew ...
Scored newsprint, carved three-cornered hats, decorate them with ribbons, feathers, gold stars, silver and, pulled them on his round head, feel ornate, extraordinary, new.
it mladyshi. Their twenty-seven. Here they take up scissors, and from under the scissors pouring colored noodles narrow strips of paper.
This noodle is transmitted to the other bed, and there using paste it turns into a ring - red, gold, green, purple.
Rings piled on - line - to the last row of beds and there are converted into longer chain.
- It is for the May Day! - say mladyshi.
Between the beds is walking with his suitcase inseparable Adam Adamitch, silent Latvian, instructor for manual labor, and on his face surprise. Indeed: it was with the guys? Why today they are wonderful? Do not litter scraps, Do not spray paste. at once, on the first team, take off their hats and their luxury rent zvenovym, and those walking, and walking in the harmonious order, carefully and even triumphantly carry them in a glass case. (There are in the House at a special cabinet Adam Adamitch, glass, and it develops all May Day).

And if anyone of the little forgotten and vzvizgnet joy or drop the scissors, or zvyaknet tin of paste, everyone looks at him with reproach and horror and waved at him with his hands and chic. He blushes, and see his face, he feels great criminal.
A senior? What to do with them? Adam Adamitch looks and does not believe his eyes. They piled on so much work together, and completed it in a few days.
Wardrobe Adam Adamitch already brim full of steamships, chickens, armpits, traktorami, trucks, elephants, giraffes, made of cardboard and paper.
There's also stored posters, that the first of May will hang on special boards of beds. Sergei is especially dear to one - the, that says:

Always forward,
Shoulder to shoulder,
I'm going to shift

because the letters to the poster he cut himself and pasted them together with Zyukoy.
From the same looks and Zyukin snakes, and blooming, painted Tsybulya.
Guys feel conspirators, and every minute at each other.
Their terrible takes this fight - competition with the Seaside.
Mise à Doncov prescribed kastorku and on, according to custom, at first zakapriznichal, his neighbors hissed at him:
- Or did you forget, you're the drummer?
And he at once so readily swallowed his spoon of castor oil, if it jams or lemonade.
And when one day during a silence on Sergei attacked hiccups, All looked at him with hatred, how pest.
In vain he tried to make excuses:
- Comrades - uk! - I nenarochno.
He objected sternly:
- At the Seaside, I suppose, no hiccup ...
However, seaside clearly lagged behind the sun.
Among the seaside were ineradicable zhvachniki, then there are flaccid and limp mumble, who can not cope with the fast food, numb over each plate.
Despite the exhortations of friends, zhvachniki seaside area tightened every meal for 10-12 minutes.
It gives the feeling of a sunny complacency and pride.
A seaside, seeing himself the shame, strongly urged to zhvachnikov what it was to catch up.
Villains zhvachniki stubbornly refused to give up.
Then, on the seaside was posted propaganda poster, there the poet composed a decade:

Quickly chew and chew,
Otherwise you - bourgeois.

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