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Part two. Eliminate breakthrough

1. Planet and pan

Who can replace Aunt Varya?
Instead, it appeared for a short time some Fanny Frantsevna, thickly powdered, with gold teeth. She, apparently, loved nature, because whenever cried:
- Look, Babes, a gorgeous cloud!
- Brother, a gorgeous sunset today!
And all told the children about his chic parrot, which the, according to her, was clever, professor.
Sunny did not like it.
Older immediately gave her a unanimous rebuff. she was offended, I pouted, I went to the kids, and began to show them your family album.

- This is my uncle Friedrich ... And this is my brother Fabrice ... And this is my cousin Ferdinand ... and that Felix, my first husband ... See, what his chic uniform ... And this is Frau Franziska von Fuff ... And this is again Ferdinand ...
Tsybulya hated looking at her:
- And where it came from, this frya?
- It must be turned in the wall newspaper, - Pani offered Muryshkina.
- Hell with it! - grim tale of Solomon. - patience. After only a few days.
Solomon missed without Israel Moisevitch, and his face was so, if he had a stomach ache.
But his nemesis was fortunate to: Fanny Frantsevna immediately became every way to take care of Buba, He regaled his cherry jam and ordered to give him freedom:
- Because he's just like my Felix.
Bubu carried on a common platform and placed in barrels of water. He showed no special joy, He sat frowning, and no one else was looking.
Sergei gazed at him with curiosity: so he a, this Bouba! It turns out, not at all scary, Only boring and sleepy. Very similar to an owl: and his eyes owl, round, and all sort of nahohlenny.
Unfortunately, Bubino neighbor on the bed turned out to be a nigger Ilko. Ilko zaegozil immediately in front of him. Ilka wanted to like Buba, please him, to flatter him and gain his friendship.

As the wind blew him all the monks, which the boys were allowed while, he began to intercept them and their mastirkoyu, giggling, with clownish antics, respectfully presents them Buba.
Buba grimly grab them, Eucharist and, not looking, I shoved under the mattress.
Victims were screaming and swearing, but he seemed not to hear their cries.
Seeing, that Buba is fed up of fun, Ilko now set to another.
He knew how to spit surprisingly neatly into two and a half meters, and many years of training brought this talent to perfection.
Now, seeking favor Buba, He showed him a number of achievements in this high art, sending apt, bullet, spitting in a wide variety of subjects.
Buba seemed slightly brightened. maybe, that he himself was the champion of this noble sport in its time. But still no good smile has not presented it to the poor Ilko. Ilko then decided to try a last resort and win a Bubino friendship at the cost of the greatest feats.
This feat has long be forgotten in the annals of the sanatorium, потому что, in the words of Solomon, It was after this feat Solar and gone to the dogs.
At Solar was humpbacked Enver, Crimean farmer's son, Tartar. In Enver was a treasure: Globe - small, s largest orange. Enver spent day and night with this globe. All Arctic Ocean was for him as a native village, and, watching him for hours, He felt alive witnessed the future of polar travel and exploits.
And Ilko, masterfully owned mastirkami, After several unsuccessful attempts, he stole the globe and just in time, when athletes orderlies made a big pot of soup, He swung globe and threw it right in the pot.
Yes, right in the soup, across the area!
Now-a-Buba surely love it!
Globe dropped into liquid fat, and nurses splashed red blots.
The boys threw up his hands, zakudahtali, howl, zajorzali.
fanni Francevna, always having seen Globe in the hands of Enver decided in the first minute, that Enver something and threw it in the soup, and met with Enver, like a tigress:
- It's you! It's you! It's you!
And Enver, for which the Globe was the most expensive on earth, He stretched out his hands to the pan and repeat without end:
- This is my! This is my! This is my!
Dr. ran, terribly angry, and first of all ordered, to Bubu immediately sent back to the detention center, and then sternly looked at Ilka:
- Oh you, marimonda Egyptian!
Ilko cringed and shamelessly zalopotal:
- I accidentally…
The doctor puffed like a steam engine.
Borsch taken away and replaced with cold soup.
Enver promised new Globe, but he was inconsolable and wept bitterly old.
On the same day a meeting zvenovyh, discussing the behavior of Ilka, issued a unanimous verdict: Ilko for his act of hooliganism is deprived of the right to participate in the celebration of May Day.
It was a very severe punishment, and applied to the most serious criminals, Ilko but only smiled contemptuously:
- You are welcome. I will not cry. I really need your First of May!
However, he lord it briefly. Soon he had become sad, because the site came and told Zoe L. amazing news.
agreed, that the first of May all of them, and walking and lying, all as is, will carry on the truck far away, to Pentapeyskogo kolkhoz, and back.
by truck!.. That's so cool! All Sun shone with joy. After many many years, so many years, not getting, lain in bed ...
So many years have not seen a car, no chickens, no cows, or May Day demonstrations, no streets.
- I see a tractor! - worried Tsybulya. - and windmill!.. - I'm a policeman!..
- And I'm a turkey!..
Listening to the merry shouts, Ilko long fastened and stuck out his lips, but then whimpered, the old woman:
- Oh, cute! Oh, gold! Oh, will no longer! Oh, Take me to ride!
- does not rely disenfranchised, - bass Muryshkina said Panya.

2. Ilko

Ilko expected, that Buba, appreciating his feat, made him his cronies.
However, Buba, not only did not show him any favor, but, before step isolator, He grunted his farewell something like "bastard" or "reptile" .
This word is well suited to Ilka. He really had some nasty, and his companions could not tolerate.
spoke, what, before you find yourself on the Solar, he from an early age helping his father sell. His father was in Odessa lemonade booth, and the boy spent all his childhood.
His voice was a fake and sweet, like a professional beggar. When he begged somebody rope, box or brand, he made a pitiful face and pulled annoyingly whiny voice:
- Well, you are welcome! Well, милый! Well, gold! Well, a diamond!..
And when it was carried to the dressing, he screamed and sobbed nasally:
- Oh, leave! Oh, do not! Oh, handsome!
All looked with contempt on this vizglyavogo coward. Guys knew perfectly, that the disease had such a hard, like many other, and it was sickening to listen to his screams obscene.
- Stop gab, - said Solomon. - You're worse Buba, you are a disgrace and a shame for the entire solar. Look at Enver. He and back, and knee, and kidneys, and unless he slobbery, like you? Look at Fyodor: he had just been scraped kneecap ...
Ilko grinning, I shivered and said,: "sorry, excuse me", and the next day again played the coward.
Sneak it was impossible. Only and I could hear him from morning till night:
- Zoe L., Volodya dredging ...
- Zoe L., Sim throws a dead snail.
- Zoe L., Petka Chamberlain calls me ...
And if Zoe L. did blame reprimand, Ilko assented and looked her in the eye dog. But it was worth it to turn away from a senior, he secretly mischief to everyone.
In the Gita, he begged the brand and put them in the wind, if unintentionally.
At Lely lured her little round mirror and began to indulge in her bunny, - Bunnies in the south is very bright, and hit in the eye.
Marina using mastirki kidnapped crutch and threw it over the vegetable garden flower bed, so its been looking for.
The Marina he pursued for some reason, with particular malice. Marina has already recovered, and it gradually taught to walk, because her feet after years of immobility and weak unaccustomed to walk.
Every day it lifted from the bed, and she slowly hobbled on their Kostylkov to the pool, where floating fish. Ilko, must be, I envied her, that it has become a walking, and tried his best to hurt her. It was short-sighted, and now Ilko asks her miserable, whimpering voice, so she gave him the floor ring, brilliant, black, which lies near the caudate tree.
- Well, you are welcome! Well, gold! Well, silver!..
Walking children consider their indispensable duty to fulfill such requests bedridden. Marina leaned, He grabbed the ring and suddenly cried out in terror and strongly shook her hand: it would not ring, it was ugly millipede, disgusting worm, which is found in damp places in the south.
Ilko zaegozil, He chuckled and said, with a nasty simplicity:
- Honestly same, I nenarochno! I thought - ring, and this millipede!
- You yourself millipede! - expressive whispered Marina.
All looked at and saw Ilka, it really - the spitting image of millipede, the same shiny, thin, as meanders and twists.
- julida! - Aunt podhvatila, and from that moment he became a millipede for the entire solar.

3. All gone to the dogs

Until now, the inhabitants of the Solar lived amicably, OK. Every word was a doctor for them by law. Since they understood, otherwise they do not get well. Discipline kept the whole team, and their team has been firmly settled. It was divided into eleven units, in the chain of five people. In zvenovye chosen are usually the most intelligent guys, and each was responsible for five zvenovoy.
But now, without Aunt Varya, without Israel Moisevitch, everything seemed to unscrew solar.
How deliberately, here we brought a whole batch of new patients, the so-called wild, that is, not yet accustomed to the arrangements here. They should be placed on the different links, but stupid Fanny Frantsevna knocked them all in one pile - in the same barrel, near Ilka. So that the barrel was formed a whole colony of wild, which is not that brawled, but they were disobedient, and flashy.
Every now and then shouted to each other some militant nonsense:

sneak salt,
Cooked over a campfire,
sausages lined,
That was not angry!

Sergei such nonsense somehow annoyed to tears. He firmly plugged his ears, and, of course, when the wild catch it, they cried even louder.
The main misfortune was boredom.
this boredom, of course, I could not disperse the slender teacher Lyudmila Petrovna, temporarily replaces Israel Moisevitch. Lyudmila Petrovna was talking about the same, I was talking about, and he - the struggle for five years, on a construction site, but the sponge she had a bow, she tweeted, like a bird:
- Chick-flimsy stories! Chick-Ciric victory! Chick-Kuzbass flimsy Moskanal!
And this marmalade she had a voice, that the five-year plan turned in her pyatiletochku, and Moskanal - in moskanalchik.
no wonder, that the sun swept ferocious boredom.
Sergei tried to ridicule was tweeting Lyudmila Petrovna, and brain had stirred such poems:

What do you, on the twig as the siskin,
We sing about pyatiletochke?
Five years is not candy
And she will not jump into the mouth.

But then he could not think of anything. It, too, was attacked by some kind of lethargy, and all get on with anything from him.
Only at dusk, when Lyudmila Petrovna came with some enticing book, Solar began to remain pleasant life.
Sergei loved this early evening. The wind died down, Sea somehow unusually dobrela, getting cozy and sad, stars on the sky had a presentiment.
After a windy sunny day well lie under a low sky and listen to, How to read a Shkid Republic.
Mastirki and now are not appeased. Some of that, some of the other beds are rockets fly high and hang on an iron crossbar awning, but in this quiet evening hour mastirki even lose their warlike appearance and seem harmless, krotkimi.
Yes they are, and there are at this time. They do not throw out of mischief, not to plunder or battle, and just, for, that in any way express a quiet, a little sad joy, that somehow fills the heart at this time.
- We throw them in a whisper! - once said Lelia, and really, these mastirkah was whispering.
When was healthy Aunt Varya, it is just at this time, always coming to the most severely ill patients, and feverish children, especially girls, eagerly pressed to her hard hands her hot cheeks and foreheads. In this quiet evening hour they particularly wanted to be caressed.
But little by little, even in this quiet time Solar began to yell and run amok.
And indeed, all gone to the dogs!
Lyudmila Petrovna still exactly at six runs in the middle of the site, as an actress on stage, and starts to read about the country Shkid, but listen to it only the smallest.
It does not take five minutes, it is already enough and the bell tolls, and begs silence, and runs from bed to bed:
- Yes, the quieter, hush, hush!
First in this early evening zvenovye quietly put in order the extensive farm level, and now all the books lost in the pile of shaggy, checkers mixed with chess, crayons under the bed, cards and then fly to the tailed tree.
Went astray even the best guys. Not so long ago Sergei enviously glanced at Lelia, how is she, lifting up his thin leg, passes between the fingers of a long strip of bandage and very quickly rolls the tape hands, and now Lola only wince at the sight of the bandages:
- I do not want ... I'm tired ... I will not ...
First, at the request of Enver zvenovogo Nina walking with great pleasure folded bath towel bath, and now she threw them Enver ago:
- Leave me alone, you are welcome, with your mohnatkami! folding itself, if you are interested!
In Enver anger back even blushed:
- Oh you, Duchess dog!
And he threw mohnatki her face.
- But I will not! I do not want and will not! - grumpy and she cried again threw back mohnatki.
And towels were flying between Enver and Nina, as long as they are not caught Aglaia.
And with such a peevishness boiled whole Solar. Even Zyuka quarreled with his friend Tsybulya for nothing, because of the little things, because of a simple brand Newfoundland. Both were inflated and kept looking at each other, as enemies.
Lax discipline on Solar.
All somehow bored just lie still, all began to complain, that they are uncomfortable, We began to seek out new positions, and one of the most steadfast and exemplary children, nine-Kiryusha Korytnikov, Suddenly the night for no reason, no reason at all contrived to unfasten clasps, which was attached, and, bryaknuvshis head and shoulders stiff pebble, hung on one leg. wise you, his thigh patient worse?
In general, with the decline of discipline of children became more fall ill, many fever.
Silences spent something like. exchange smiles, jorzali, shushukalisy, They fended off flies non-existent - and prevented Me, and each other.
Zoe L. are exhausted, urging children calm down and pull yourself together, but if broken loose.
Ilko felt like a fish in water. He taught the entire colony of wild shouting nonsensical song:

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