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And little by little the solar dream was overcome: it would be good here, in the warm sea, in the garden, open air, on air, arrange a special factory-school - especially for children maimed, where they would be trained in all sorts of technics, without stopping treatment and adapting, under the supervision of doctors, namely to those industries, that it more handy.
- It is high time! - rattling drum Barabanych. - Without this, all our treatment awry. cure, put them on his feet, and then good-bye, adieu! Released a kind of our goal, to any irrelevant carries his, without crafts, without profession, lash out at any job, the first, what it will fall, and this work is beyond him, and, you look, skuvyrnulsya again. A burden for us, and social security. No, we must immediately, on the spot, manufacturing of our patients - masters and workers, and not what some, not third-rate, and first-class. Yes! Yes!
Solomon differed. In reality and in a dream he envisioned a dazzling white, magnificent building, complete machines and machine tools, where in no time at all the solar (with the exception of, how Ilko or Buba) become skilled, seasoned workers, who will fight for five years, how traits.
But the bandits have no place in this building. Is such, how Ilko or Buba, can understand the five-year period? Solomon once tried to propagandize Bubu and began to tell him about Osoaviahima and DENR, but he looked at him dull and sleepy and without malice, for no reason, rhyme or reason, I covered him with such insults, What Solomon did not hear even the Romanian Roma.
Many in the sanatorium was murmuring and disputes about the requirements, presented by sunny, and finally, after all meetings, meetings, discussions, Moisevitch Israel began to gather in Moscow - to plead for the device in the walls of a sanatorium special college for physically-handicapped children, and Serge wrote a poem, which ended up with the words:

we soon, we soon, we soon
Leave hospital beds!
And soon, and soon, and soon
We will be building the heroes!

9. Serezhina secret

But how could he invent poems? Is he a writer, poet, stihotvorets?
At first, this nobody knew. It was a mystery Sergei, and, to this mystery he came here. At first all went well, but by the evening of the tenth day of Sergei's secret I learned the whole Solar.
It happened like this. Israel Moisevitch, perched on the nightstand, said an excited whisper about flights into the stratosphere abroad and we. Sergei listened to him without blinking, and then pushed his extraordinary eyebrows, I took the slate and scribbled on it:

I'm tired of lying
On the bed
I would like to fly
In stratostate.

And he reached for the sponge, to erase these lines, but Nina walking, runs behind, I picked up the board, as prey, Tailed rushed to the tree and sonorous voice cried out their ruthless to the solar. She was not angry, not vetrenaya, and temper she had egozlivy. Solar met Sergei's poems monkey shrieks and immediately began to sing them differently:

I'm tired of lying, reap, reap,
On the bed, wool, wool, wool!
I would like to fly, thief, thief,
In stratostate, dad, dad, dad!

- Oh, Oh, You're a real poet, - giggling, said Zoe L., and although her voice was not a shadow of ridicule, Sergei desperately cried, that tears fell into his ears. Pulling with all his strength to the head sheet, He closed her hot face, and even on the fingers of his feet to be seen, that he is going through a piercing shame.
For that and was his secret, that he really was a poet. Last summer, when he lay alone in the country in Kadzhorah, He made himself a blue notebook, where recorded - stole from his family - they compose poems. Somehow, he was convinced, Prosody that - a secret affair, and he did not show his poems to anyone. Yes, and it was impossible to show them to anyone, because they were too sad. They cried and complained Sergei:

above, Woe is me, Kałek!
I - ruined forever!
I envy healthy -
Pigs and cows.

He brought the book to the solar and hid it in a chess box at the bottom, under the figures, and I put it in a box zvenovoy chest. It was a precarious position, since zvenovoe good from morning till night there were a hand. But there was no other cache, and it had only to think Sergei, someone - well,, or at least Enver Zyuka - can peep his secret, on his face appeared an expression of fright. Every time, when Claudia, sweeping away the dust, with zvenovogo trunk, He touched for a moment to the coveted box, his eyebrows began to go shake.
The notebook was still a few clean sheets, but since then,, Seryozha moved to Solar, he could not write a single line, as all his poems he wrote only, when he was made sad, and here he was not on what was to be sad. Here he is in the first days felt, that he was not crippled, not ugly, not rejected, and the same person, like everyone else. This new, cheerful feeling did not poured into verse. When he tried today, yielding momentary grief, write a few plaintive strings, like those, which he wrote in the blue notebook in Kadzhorah, they were raised fun of.
And now the kids there, for bochkoy, non-stop crying, like crazy:

Our Sergei disabled, lead, lead!
He has a stomach ache, lit., lit.!
He tore his hands, rain, rain!
And they sent to America, Lally, Lally!

This senseless song filled the heart of Sergei offense.
It was already dark, when, naplakal, He dropped off the face of the sheet. Screamers fell silent for a long time. In the sky the first stars shone. Sergei reached out a hand to the trunk and pulled out a box, but the notebook was not there. Where could she get away? He searched the whole box, again and again, He poured out to her bed all the cards, feathers, Pictures, papers, peretrogal every shred, - Notebook sink into the ground.
In the morning he resumed his search, but I did not find anything.
This led him to despair. His poems have been stolen, over them mock, And he became general laughingstock! He frowned and then covered his face sheet. Zoe L. shattered came to him with some question, but he did not even look at her. So he lay before dinner, and dinner in the caudate tree appeared Israel Moisevitch, and what was the amazement Sergei, when in the hand of Israel Moisevitch he saw a blue notebook!!! Sergei looked at her from under his brows and clenched his fists, how to fight: Now Israel Moisevitch will mock her,.
But Israel Moisevitch went on as if nothing had happened and began busily:
- It's good, what you can do verses. We just do not have enough of this ... After all, you've heard about our wall newspaper? Employees have plenty, but to poetry - none. And you've got it so good out.
And he pointed to a blue notebook.
Sergei was silent, even his eyebrows stopped.
- So that, here's the order of our wall newspaper, - Israel continued Moisevitch: - Give us a tomorrow ... well,, The day after tomorrow to such utter ..., know, stišinu ...
Sergei wanted to say something, but could not: It was dry, in the mouth. But his eyebrows, pausing for a moment, Again fuss furiously.
- So, is? By the day after tomorrow? see also, do not let me down, Requirement. you know yourself: newspaper. And except for you - no one.
Israel left Moisevitch, and the blue notebook remained near Sergei's bed. obviously, she came to Israel Moisevitch yesterday morning, when Sergei absented himself in the dressing room. If Israel Moisevitch, even the most friendly, delicate way, here, at Sergei's bed, I began to leaf through the book, read out poems and thus allowed himself a little smile, Sergei would hate him forever. But he spoke in a businesslike manner, not mindalnichaya, in passing, without Aho and ohov, and Sergei immediately calmed down. He even became ridiculous, he ruined himself so much blood because of such trifles. And in less than two minutes, for the first time in days, he yawned widely and appetizing. Only now he felt, how terribly tired him the alarm. He stretched out his hand over blue notebook, but the hand and so fell asleep stretched.

10. Serezhyna glory

Sergei woke up in the morning cheerful and immediately took up the verses, ordered him to Israel Moisevitch. But all his efforts were in vain. Much he fought, he could not write a single line. the, he wrote in a blue notebook, It was given to him without strain, and here, though the head itself Bite, absolutely nothing goes. Already called for dinner, but he still thumb your pencil.
At dinner there was a commotion, which amused Sergei. Nina hodyachaya, sitting near the barrels, suddenly shrieked, if it pricked a needle, and terrified he pushed away the wooden cup with compote: in compote appeared worm, like those, that are found in apples. rose vanity, Drum and ran Barabanych, demanding to himself chief cook, a furious gesture he put his right under the nose of Nina's wooden cup.
- What it is? - he roared, worm poking at his pudgy finger. - This! This! This!
Cook for a long time staring into a cup and grunted nose, and smacked his lips, and finally murmured:
- You-and-we-on!

Drum Barabanych gasped, He backed away and looked at him with machine.
- Go, - he said, flashing glasses, - and that more I have not had such a ... vitamins!
AND, pause, he added:
- Gubošlep!
Sergei liked this story.
- That you would razdrakonil her for a newspaper ... - Israel said to him Moisevitch. - Would give guboshlopu lips!
Sergei shook his head ruefully. He was sure, that he would never write a single line. But he closed his eyes a little, he clearly imagined a walking Nina, she screamed over the compote, and shabby to blame the cook, he accidentally, themselves reprimand such poems:

Nina ate compote,
Too much cum,
Suddenly in dismay at the top of the mouth
Compote on it
He opened his enormous eyes
Oh oh oh, what a great
white chervyachische!
Kryvonos and glasses,
Looks evil and strictly:
"Kusha Nina, in worm
many vitamins!»

These poems he had written on the board and gently pointed Solomon. Solomon said: "uyuyuy!"And with pleasure I kissed his fingers. A minute later poems reverberated throughout the solar. Solar learned them by heart. onions, pohryukav gently over them, immediately I began to draw them a picture. It was decided to print them in the wall newspaper, in the next issue, along with a picture, which draws Tsybulya. On the same day, many residents of the Solar wrote letters to Batum, In Erivan, Leningrad, Simferopol to their mothers and fathers of, that they have on the site appeared a famous poet. And they were right, since Sergei became really famous in the entire solar from this day.
His poems do not like only one person - the cook.
cook said, they are worthless, because where are you seen, to boiled worms bulge on somebody enormous eyes, He wore glasses and spoke with a human voice? Not encouraging it also pictures, which he made Tsybulya: the picture was painted a huge cup, and from there crawled, izvivayasy, disgusting snakes, and face the snake was exactly like the cook - with the same pendulous lip and in the same white hat. cook said, that this picture is no good, because the worms in caps does not happen, but the rest of the audience were very happy. I liked them as well and caption: «Novootkrыtыy vitamin« guboshlёp ». Signature invented Tsybulya, and when the output of its brush, samodovolьno pohrюkival.

And the poem, and the picture, and signature were placed in the wall newspaper. Wall newspaper called "Summer Lightning". Its editor was Solomon. Needless to say, that "summer lightning" mercilessly branded criminal Bubu, who was depicted in her columns in the form of frenzied fanged dog, just broke loose; beneath this dog was signed:
"bites! needed muzzle!»

There was also an article published thunder Solomon, where Buba, how Buzoter and thunder, It was participations to the Austrian Nazis.
- Weather, - said Solomon. - I am here so that parasite!
And he made such a move, if pressed between nails gnats.
"Summer Lightning" has been selling like hot cakes. Each link and then demanded to him this number, pasted on a thin plywood. All particularly excited there printed message, that the day before yesterday afternoon, Israel Moisevitch fast train left for Moscow to plead for a factory-school. Will be, It will be built here, near Solar, it is desirable building, - excellent, dazzling white, buzzing tools and machines, - where Solomon, and Enver, and Muryshkina Panya, and countless thousands of others the most accelerated pace, as if by magic, become invincible fighters for the happiness of all mankind. A brief note about it was published in the "Summer lightning" in large letters in the broad purple frame. It was then that Sergei and fold verses:

we soon, we soon, we soon
Leave hospital beds,
And soon, and soon, and soon
We will be building the heroes!

11. Aunt Varya and swallows

On the third day after the departure of Israel Moysevicha in the sanatorium was an accident.
It began - strange to say! - under electric lamp shade.
This lamp is hung up on a high pole and at night covered the entire solar.
And some silly swallows had built her nest under its shade.
The whole day they worked tirelessly, and when the finished building and sat in the nest, the night has come, and lit jack deadly bright electric light.
Lamp make hot, such as iron.
Swallows flew out of the nest and began frantically screaming whirl at the stake.
The entire Solar unanimously demanded: remove the nest and immediately move to a safe place, to swallow could come back to his home and live in peace, anything without fear.
- Tomorrow, tomorrow! - said Zoe L., but the boys would not hear of it and demanded, to today, this minute.
It was late, it's time to sleep, and they roar and yell, and they are now does not calm down.
Aunt Varya ran and told the nurse to call Maxim, so he climbed to the top of the column and carefully moved the nest somewhere away from the lamp.
But the nurse was not. He already otdezhuril. Behind him ran Aglaia, but I did not find him, and she was gone.
swallows cried, like crying, and the boys raved, like mad.
- Remove, remove, remove the nest!
Zoe L. with great difficulty dragged from somewhere a long ladder; He ushers her to a thin iron column lamp and tried to climb on it, but he jumped from the third stairs:
- I'm not a contortionist, and I do not have two heads!
Aunt Varya was very angry and tugged impatiently shoulder.
- In that case, I'll do it myself! - she said haughtily, as if wishing to shame Zoya Lvovna. And solemnly walked to the stairs.
- What do you? What do you? Where are you going? Where are you going?

But Aunt Varya did not listen and, majestically pushing aside Zoya Lvovna, who wanted to help her, in a moment he climbed the stairs, impulsively reached out his hand to the nest, but suddenly he cried, It broke and fell - fell along with the staircase right in the bushes, near tailed tree, and all shrieked with terror, Zoe L. and spread his fingers and turned to stone on the spot.
Luckily, whence finally ran medic, and Aunt Varya put on a stretcher and taken to the dressing room.
And swallows circling and shouting.
The children were told to immediately stop talking and go to sleep, but they are a long time could not calm down, and the next day it turned out, Aunt Varya broke her arm and the hip, that she was taken to Pentapeyu, in hospital, and no one knows, when she recovers.
Aunt Varya loved their solar, that even on holiday never left: eleven years, from morning till night, I lived on this small strip of land, like a rope tied to this white wooden bed. The man she was abrupt and severe and very rarely bill and coo with solar, but sunny so loved her, even leaving fathers, mothers, roared at parting with her.
And it is not, Israel no Moisevitch, and not because there was so much to the solar strange and terrible events, not because there, Solomon says, Sunny almost all gone to the dogs.

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